Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Tucker

Looks as though we will see the gummint owned regulator prosecuting the gummint owned airline.

Adolf lived and worked in Australia, engaging in commerce as an employee of a multinational, a self employed person and as a senior executive of a couple of local companies. He was there when the dreaded PJT (Prices Justification Tribunal) was introduced and he saw the way Australian authorities dealt with price fixing. Their attitude is far more vigorous and robust than the prevailing 'let sleeping dogs lie' climate here in New Zealand suggests.

Dr Mark Berry, Commerce Commission chairman.

Therefore, I think the highly paid fellow whose picture graces the Herald's piece will be in for a pretty rough time - and quite rightly. Only a fool of the highest order would leave a paper trail like this:-

"Thompson later wrote to Menen to point out that Emirates was undercutting Air NZ despite the earlier guarantee.

"After your comments on Emirate SkyCargo's selling approach, I was interested to hear from our cargo sales people that we lost some of our consolidation cargo from the Brisbane to Auckland service last weekend to Emirates, at, what we are told, rates far more attractive than Air NZ's," he wrote. "Similar activity is also occurring in the Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne markets." the Age quotes.

The Age says that in an email two weeks later, Menen the gave a further assurance that Emirates was not undercutting Air NZ and had no intention of doing so.

He also said that Emirates' local cargo managers in Australia and NZ had been told to contact Qantas and Air NZ's local managers to agree on rates.

"The best would be all parties communicating openly with each other on local basis and create a relationship based on catalyzing the market rather than aim for getting a share of each other's market," he wrote."

I wonder if Mr Thompson will face double jeopardy. Convicted and fined both in Australia and New Zealand. He deserves to.

And where is Air New Zealand's major shareholder in all this? Will Mr Thompson put up the "I was only following the boss's example" and quote all the corruption, dishonesty and deception perpetrated by the Bilious Bitch, the Fiscal Fool and their cronies?


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Only one way to solve this problem - sell the bloody airline

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