Monday, August 24, 2009

Comments Policy

There has been recent internal discussion on comments policy at No Minister.

Currently there is no broad policy, so here is Adolf's policy for his blog posts. It is unashamedly stolen from Chris Trotter and subsequently embellished.


The blogosphere tends to be a very noisy, and all-too-often a very abusive, place. I intend No Minister to be a much quieter, and certainly a more respectful, place.
So, if you wish your comments to survive, you will have to follow the No Minister/Adolf rules.

These are based on two very simple principles:

Courtesy and Respect.

Comments which are defamatory, vituperative, snide or hurtful will be removed, and the commentators responsible permanently banned. In particular, comments directing personal abuse at the blog host will be dealt with severely. Comments which are thoughtful, witty, creative and stimulating will be most welcome, becoming a permanent part of the No Minister/Adolf discourse.

However, I do add this warning. If the blog seems in danger of being over-run by the usual far-Left suspects, I reserve the right to simply disable the Comments function, and will keep it that way until the perpetrators find somewhere more appropriate to vent their collective spleen.


scrubone said...

Hm, looks like my own is a bit out of date - I've gone with the "case study" approach. I take the view that people can abuse me, but they have to justify the abuse rationally.

"One blogger who said something along the lines of “you’re $%#@$% useless” did get his comment deleted owing to the non-contributionary nature of this phrase, plus the fact that he did not at any point explain exactly why the target of said comment was in fact useless."

dad4justice said...

Test, test from Bat Cave after Byran Spondre attack with the feds. Haha still here,fucked if I know how.I will try to be nice in the future. Yeah right!I am thankful you don't have a demerit lickspittle board.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dad, you're still here because some considerable time ago you responded positively to a private e-mail concerning comments? Remember that?

You were asked for courtesy and you gave it. Pretty simple, really.

But don't go getting ideas, now!

Anonymous said...

But it is so Leftist to delete or disable the comment function, remember, freedom of speech, please allow all comments or you may as well call yourself Red Alert.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, it would have to be an extremely extreme (Apologies to Groucho)event which resulted in the comments function being disabled.

Ruth said...

It's not so much the ideology, it's the manner in which the opinions are presented.

Some folk can't seem to say anything without gratuitous profanity and other abuse.

Good post, anyway.

Anonymous said...

now..i was going to post a comment where i called hide for being a racist-reactionary..

..and key a fool for letting hide 'bitch' all over him..

and for 'enoch powelling' the national govt..

(and is that longterm relationship with maori/the maori party looking..?

divorce time..?..d'yareckon..?

or do you think they will roll over and 'uncle tom' for you..?..)

would a comment of that nature be acceptable under yr new regime..?


(my code word was 'infer'..(heh.!..)