Wednesday, August 19, 2009


OK guys and gals ... homework for today is to nominate the MP you consider to represent the most wasted space in Parliament. Lets limit it to List MPs this time round as they are a special breed indeed.

My nomination is Dr Ashraf Choudhary, Labour List MP.

Choudhary has distinguished himself over the years. Many will remember his campaign to do away with the Cross in Palmerston North's Civic Square on the basis that it was offensive to Muslims. Then of course he showed the courage of his convictions; torn between not wanting to alienate Helen and the tenants of his religion he choose 'courageously' to abstain from voting on the Prostitution Reform Bill. Finally, many will recall his endorsement of the Koran punishment of stoning to death homosexuals and people who have extra-marital affairs .... bet that got Chris Carter going (I digress).

There are others but he, IMHO, wins hands down.


Anonymous said...

The Fenton druggie chick.

What purpose does she serve?

Big Bruv.

Inventory2 said...

You're not wrong there Big Bruv - she is definitely showing signs of wear and tear! Sue Moroney is another - a union toadie, who is very aptly named.

Anonymous said...

Veteran - couldn't disagree.

alex Masterley said...


There is so much material to choose from.

My pick is Carter for his recent stand out performances. Getting his retirement junkets in now before they are taken away from him.

The Veteran said...

alex M .. Chris Carter would be up there on the 'all comers' list but of course he is a constituency MP.

Wanna have another go?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey don't you slag off my friend Sue, how do you do. Remember she served her country well be verifying Winston was at Karaka when he lied through his teeth saying he was not there. In that one brave act of defiance, she earned her keep for at least five years.

Grant said...

For my money the award has to go to Catherine Delahunty.
This woman seemingly inhabits a quasi parallel universe which the rest of us have no access to.....fortunately.


Good grief, Veteran , there are so many to choose from!

As for Carter, despite his homosexuality , he did attend the launch of Islam Awreness Week.

I blogged about this at my place, also noting he did not explain why he attended such an event despite Islam's stance on gays.

I don't recall him criticising Choudary for his stoining comments, which does make Carter's support for Islam most strange.

I called it the love that dare not speak it's name.

alex Masterley said...

I did not note the limitation.

It actually makes the task much easier.

It is a dead heat between Raymond Huo (who?)and the woman with a mans name Steve Chadwick.

Neither of these two have made so much as a peep since the election.

Prime candidate for the award.

Redbaiter said...

I vote for the whole 122 of the useless eternally legislating eternally growing wasteful spendthrift beneficiary suckholing tax looting racist commie bastards.

Fire them all.

WAKE UP said...

Hi there Veteran, I've been a Choudhary watcher since day One, and it's no contest, he's the hands-down winner on the grounds of both hypocrisy and ineptitude.

A sidebar is the equally deep hypocrisy of those who Listed him on the just-in-case-we-need-"that"-vote principle.

The Veteran said...

Well no-one can accuse Redbaiter of double standards especially as he has chosen to include the entire ACT Caucus on his 'soft cocks' list.

Woger will be pleased.

Sus said...

Nick Smith & Catherine Delahunty tie for first place, both being Green fools. Her because she's barking mad and him because he's in a position, tragically, to do serious harm.

Then Sue Bradford for being Sue Bradford.

Then the rest, ACT MPs not excluded.

Anonymous said...

Damn! could I forget that mad Delahunty "wimin".

As much as I do think the druggie Fenton is a waste of space I have to withdraw her nomination in favour of Mad Cath Delahunty.

Big Bruv

Redbaiter said...


There is something seriously wrong with ACT when they have had so much financial support and ideological sympathy, but still cannot manage a poll rating much above about a fifth of what the odious Greens can muster.

Lucia Maria said...

It would be far easier to work out who isn't a waste of space and even that's not as easy as I thought it was when I first started typing.

Hmmmm, firing the lot of them and starting again is looking really good right now ...

dad4justice said...

Speaking of dumb arses, has Chris Carter learnt to spell yet, while flying around the globe on anal air?

James said...

"There is something seriously wrong with ACT when they have had so much financial support and ideological sympathy, but still cannot manage a poll rating much above about a fifth of what the odious Greens can muster."

Common misconception....ACT aren't rolling in it...far from it.I've been close to the partys inner running and at times it's almost cake stall stuff.

Big Business doesn't like them as you may suppose....they know that ACT's anti privilage stance will hurt them.Its a fact that big business loves a certain amount of State buggers the small up and coming competition.

Gooner said...

Thanks James for inserting truth back into the argument.

Redbaiter said...

"Common misconception...."

Uncommon read failure.

I said "have had", not "have".

Neither did I say anything about "Big Business".

Straw men raised by people deficient in reading and comprehension.

heisenbug said...

Adolf, that wasn't Sue, it was her brother. I bet there were some interesting family conversations after he went public with that gem. Heh.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

More likely the conversations took place beforehand. And yes, you're right. I had forgotten that.

Anonymous said...

has to be roger (failed pig concentration camp owner) douglas...

all he has done since being re-elected... holiday..

..the other day in questiontime..he got brain-freeze..

..and was unable to re-frame a question..

..when asked to by the speaker..

..and just sat apparent confusion.. a background soundtrack of snickers..

..and given his heroic suck on the public tit..

(what is his weekly rate..?..

..when you add it all up..?.

..and pro-rat the holidays..?)'d have to say he is one of the most expensive 'wasted space'..