Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Double Dissolution?

The last one was in 1975 (I think) and saw the self styled 'greatest prime minister ever' thrown out on his arse. (He was done over by the state premier he described as 'the dumbest premiere ever.') Adolf has always admired and respected Whitlam who, although the enemy, unarguably is one of Australia's finest ever political orators.

The Australian Senate has rejected a bill to introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme and Labor is muttering 'snap election.' If they put the same bill up in three months' time and it is again rejected, then the PM can call on the Guv for what is called a double dissolution - which is the proroguing of both houses of parliament with a simultaneous election for all seats in both houses. ( Usually only half the senators face election each time round.)

Adolf has always scorned and detested Rudd who, as well as being the enemy, unarguably is one of Australia's worst ever political orators and a barefaced bullshitting liar to boot.

Will the little spotty wax eater join Gough Whitlam in ignominious defeat?

Somehow I doubt it.


WAKE UP said...

If Rudd joins Whitlam "in defeat" it'll be the only thing they have in common. I was in Australia at the time, and if there's anyone who compares to Rudd, it was the slimy oleaginous Kerr.

Compared to either of them, agree with him/his policies or not, win lose or draw, Whitlam was a giant among pygmies, and his dismissal remains a manipulative travesty of justice in the history of Australian politics.

Barnsley Bill said...

Only if his pollsters give him the nod.

Sus said...

Agree with Adolf re Rudd.

He is the embodiment of the little grey man.

Weaker than weak.

Bok said...

Ah fair shake of the sauce bottle mate...

Dont know if you guys got that over there, but he decided to talk like a bloke and came out with the above quote (slightly wrong) the problem was he used it 3 or 4 times in a 3 minute interview!!!

The man is simply a clown.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Leftist are incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING.

This bullshit from No Right Turn.

"The government can reintroduce the bill in three months time. If it fails a second time, there will be a double dissolution and early elections."

No comments are allowed over there but someone should tell the idiot that the truth of the matter is there MIGHT be a double dissolution but only if the PM calls for one. It does not just happen automatically.

Anonymous said...

Whitlam was a giant among pygmies,

Whitlam was a fucking commie who tried to borrow money from Pakistan after he'd bankrupted Australia.

As it is - there's no fucking chance of a DD and no fucking change of the Coalition backing down.

But you can be sure the greens will blink and let this bill do to Australia in the 2010s what Whitlam did to the country in 1973!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, dear chap, it was Iraq. Have another Scotch.


The problem with the Australian Libs is they have failed to offer a creditable opposition since John Howard was booted out.
Malcolm Turnbull is too much of a 'me too' politician hanging too much on Rudd's coattails.
The climate change issue highlights this as it prevents the liberals a chance to offer a clearly argued opposition to Rudd's job destroying legislation.
Labor-lite might have worked but it isn't in Australia with Rudd maintaining strong leads due to the weakness of Turnbull.
Peter Costello would have been a far better leader. He was the most successful treaurer in Australian history. He has the credibility and experience Turnbull lacks.
When I was in Oz a few years back, Joe Hockey came across as impressive and he is now sometimes spoken of as a potential leader.


labor lite might have worked here but not n oz

WAKE UP said...

Anonymous, what I SAID was: right or wrong, agree with him or not, Whitlam was a giant among pygmies. So was Churchill. So was Hitler. It was a generic comment, not a political one.

Rudd, however, is a pygmy.

WAKE UP said...

And whether you like/ed Whitlam or not, his dismissal was a manipulated, unconstitutional political rort, setting a very bad precedent - it could happen to one of YOUR favourites just as easily.