Friday, August 21, 2009


That's the indicative smacking vote result in favour of the Nays.

What a croc. We all know that 87% couldn't decipher the question and plainly meant to vote yes. I call for a recount.

On the other hand, it could add a bit of weight to this letter.


Ackers said...

Only in NZ.....

Gooner said...

Ackers, I'm interested in what the law is on this across the ditch. Can you advise?

Hamish Collins said...

Bravo for the response rate.

Let's see parental rights restored pronto.

Ackers said...

No idea Gooner. Have never seen it raised as an issue in the media or in private conversation amongst friends or workmates.

It's simply a non issue.

Ackers said...

Having said that Christos Tsiolkas's book 'The Slap' has been one of the best selling Australian novel's of the last year

So on reflection I'm obviously wrong, it has been a hot button issue because this book has sold and sold and been the subject of much discussion but this certainly hasn't translated into any wider discussion of the law

Gooner said...

Then I guess your "only in NZ..." comment is pretty much on the button!


This indeed is the central issue- parental rights.
Child abuse is caused by othger factors like the wrong people having kids and those parents won't obey any anti-smacking bill anyway.
With such a clear vote, John Key will have to act.
As I have mentioned at my place, the vote shows New Zealand is a much more conservative place than many perhaps believe, certainly the media and probably the government too.
It might spur it to be more right wing in other areas, rather than just be Liarbour-lite.
It might spur the Nats into action and give them confidence in themselves.

WWallace said...

Title correction: it should read "88/12" if you round the voting results conventionally. (They were 87.6% "no" and 11.8% "yes".)

Anonymous said...

The idea that a "right to smack" should be added back in to NZ law is obvious. The government must act with dispatch. Again, this is far more worth resigning over than a couple of Maori seats on a city council

As Garrett I think said: what is really needed is not a right but a duty, a responsibility to smack when kids get out of control. That's how to make NZ really a better place.
And for goodness sake get rid of the other daft clause stopping effective discipline in schools!

Anonymous said...

So, stuff repots law change proposal to cabinet on Monday
The law should be gone by Christmas.

Bring on the next referendum for capital punishment!

WWallace said...

Not so fast. Stuff actually said:

Prime Minister John Key said he had listened to the result of the referendum and plans to take some proposals to Cabinet on Monday.

Mr Key refused to tell reporters in Australia what those initiatives were but said they fell short of a law change.

Looks disappointing to me.

WAKE UP said...

90% of the people were against the smacking bullshit when Sue Bradford initiated it, and they STILL are. It was bad law then and it still is - and you know what bad law does to a country.