Sunday, August 9, 2009

1% stupidity rules

Two young people have died in a high-speed horror crash that comes as the Government prepares to consider extensive changes to our road rules.

One bloody line into a report about two idiots and it's the government that has to come up with solutions.

The problem is that you can't legislate against stupidity.
Crash a couple of tonnes of metal travelling at high speed that you are strapped into.
You are going to die. End of story. Just look at the photo.

So what will happen.
The 99% of people who can drive safely will be punished by reduced freedoms
and if the government has anything to do with it, you will be pillaged financially.

We must fine you Mr Smith but only for y(our) own good.

We'll spend $10,000,000 of your money on TV advertising to tell you to slow down

All for the stupidity of the 1%.

But that is the way our society works now anyway.
Only governments can save us from ourselves.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It would appear that not one of the proposed changes would have had any influence on this particular episode. The driver was a 23 year old teetotaler.

AhaaaaaahI I've got the answer.

Ban Indian immigrants from driving. That'll sort it out.

Redbaiter said...

Steven Joyce is another unelected list idiot who is firmly in the grip of the fascists at the Ministry of Transport.

With his complete failure to understand his role is to protect citizens from the predations of big government, he is so much more of a blight upon National than so many others.

Cleansing National of these state worshipping knuckle draggers is the most important task for the future of liberty in NZ.

KG said...

But of course, Lou--we must all be brought down to the level of the lowest common denominator, in order to protect....the lowest common denominator.
Obvious, really. What Darwinian natural selection used to do, legislation now must.

MacDoctor said...

KG: What Darwinian natural selection used to do, legislation now must.

Actually, natural selection would have removed the lowest common denominators long ago...

No welfare in Nature.

dad4justice said...

Government has lost the plot again.How could it get so fucked up? Poor Joe Public is about to be shafted agian by wimpish Plod ticket police and twisted socialist polLIES.Thanks for nothing Helen and John. The people need Tanks :-)

WAKE UP said...

Labour's bureaucratic mindset legacy is going to take longer to eradicate than we thought...message to John Key: HARDEN UP, man.

Sally said...

It just gets worse each day with the drivel being dished up by this government.

Makes one feel that we still have a "labour nanny commie" party still in power.