Monday, July 27, 2009

What's that noise?

I'm loving the din created by various lefties as they've heaved their toys over the sides of their cots recently.

Firstly, not long ago, one Ratbiter decided to remove himself from Kiwiblog because DPF was too pro National, and he didn't like the way lefties like him got a hard time from other commentators. Here's a few quotes:

"I mentioned once to someone who then worked for a Government Department that I read Kiwiblog, and she responded thusly: “Oh, David Farrar – I know him; He came into our office a few times. he was just like I imagined – he was short, fat and NASTY…”
Not getting personal of course


"Since National’s election victory Farrar’s blogging has become ever more obsessed with showing the Government in a good light while condemning the opposition in the most jeering fashion possible. And noticeably avoiding talking points that don’t facilitate this end. This has become a cheerleading/propaganda site, similar to The Standard. And suppressing any discussion that does not conform. (And make no mistake, the discussion here is every bit as controlled – albeit by a pack of loyal hounds rather than directly from the moderator’s keyboard.)"

I felt sorry for the poor wee dear, well at least as sorry as it's possible to feel for someone who went out of their way to be a smart arse and whose nickname was a piss take of Redbaiter's.

Then our resident former would be terrorist, toad, got all snarly at Whale Oil and posted this gem of inclusiveness and difference celebrating on WOBH:

"Shit, I get a whole thread of my own. I'm so honoured.

You misogynous, born to rule Tory prick. Just add a racist post and you've got the trifecta!"

Mmmm profound indeed, one can almost taste the fury

But pride of place goes to My Favourite Marxist, one Chris Trotter, for his evisceration of Fill In on Bowalley Road. I'm sure most of us have read it but I particularly liked this bit:

"If it is your view, Phil, that the quest for democratic socialism should be dismissed as something belonging to "nineteenth century history", then I say: "The hell with you!""

Ouch. But why all this anger?

I think that reality has finally hit home and they've realised that it wasn't Crosby Textor that cost them last year's election, or that voters simply wanted a change, but it is the realisation that their plans for a Socialist New Zealand are simply at odds with those of ordinary Kiwis.
In essence - people don't like them and do not want to be governed by them, and this hurts.

Still with Chris's piece, I was intrigued, nay fascinated, to read that ""the socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange" was, once upon a time, labour's founding objective.

Could someone please help me with this. Chris, perhaps you could join in yourself and explain what difference there is between the "socialising of " and the "ownership by the state of" the means of production, distribution, and exchange? Please satisfy my curiousity.

I also wonder if all those who ever voted labour on account of "them being for the working man" ever had any inkling of their main goal?


Gooner said...

Excellent piece Grant. Shows them up for what they are: snivelling control freaks.

Grant said...

Cheers Gooner

Anonymous said...

plans for a Socialist New Zealand are simply at odds with those of ordinary Kiwis.

Now if only, if only, if only the current government actually realized this, we might get some well-overdue changes to NZ, rather than steady-as-she-goes, share-the-pain-of-the-recession, dont-cut-dont-sell-anything, Oh-you-mean-Cullen-isn't-the-treasurer-how-can-you-tell, me too policies of the current government!

The current recession and crisis is a great, once in a lifetime, opportunity to really start to address NZ's long term problems:

* get rid of the unaffordable Dole & DPB
* get rid of pointless SOEs and 50,00 useless civil servants
* get rid of crap state schools & hospitals
* finally get a real police FORCE to deal with crims

and what have we got? Nothing!

Gooner said...

Sinner, why did you expect anything more? Apart from Ruth Richardson when have the Nats done any serious reform? The major reforms in this country have always been led and delivered by Labour. You were warned pre-election that National was Labour in drag; didn't you believe it?

expat said...

could also be that the teat sucking socialists have seen the milk of government drying up recently>

* been made redundant from cardy central
* lost their 'overtime'
* had contracts cancelled
* had to work between soy latte breaks

Any way, they are now officially less relevant than the greens.


Anonymous said...

"...This has become a cheerleading/propaganda site, similar to The Standard..."

Unfortunately, Ratbiter is right. Not as bad as The Standard, but halfway there. If DPF goes ahead with his forum censorship ideas it will end badly. He wails about "abuse" as if it's something outside of himself, but when he's in the mood he's as irrational and personally abusive as the next lefty. If he doesn't want the abusive posts, he should start posting better researched articles. 90% of the abuse in comments is started by myopic opinion based pieces written by him. While it's his blog to do as he pleases, he's living in a liberal dreamland if he thinks he isn't attracting more abuse than substance. Encourage substance in the posts and don't concern yourselves with trolls.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, would you like a map? Kiwiblog is thaaaaaatawy!

Redbaiter said...

Anonymous shows the danger of this widespread promotion by the left of the concept that "abuse' is a bad thing.

There are two outcomes.

1) "Abuse" eventually comes to mean the same as criticism of the left.

2) People become unwilling to criticise the left as they are then termed "abusers."

I believe Mr. Farrar has recently been put under a lot of pressure to censor his site. In fact I believe there is an organised campaign afoot to coerce him into doing so. All instigated by worried leftists who are feeling the power of free speech and they do not like it.

Anyone else hear the bigotry exhibited by one of the sneering sanctimonious Public Address writers on Radio New Zealand??

Just so outrageous and offensive that someone from that extreme left echo chamber could appear on a taxpayer funded radio station that has been perverted by left wing activists into a propaganda outlet for the left, and criticise Kiwiblog. And do so without once declaring his interest in a blog that competes with Kiwiblog or his partisan political connections. IMHO, an utterly outrageous level of deceit, sanctimony and hypocrisy by all concerned.

I think Mr. Farrar may have been hurt by those cowardly allegations. After all, he is only human.

The fact remains, the left are after Kiwiblog because Kiwiblog is one of the few public outlets where the man in the street is able to vent his opposition to the media and academic elite who seek to rule and depend on censorship of criticism in order to help them achieve that objective.

This is what drives them nuts. The fact that Kiwiblog is beyond their control, and all of the sanctimonious waffle about abuse is only a means for them to try to recover that control.

As for "abuse", what the hell????

These leftist scum believe they have a right to steal our money by means of the utter perversion of our democratic system. They attempt to indoctrinate our children (and succeed) through their utter perversion of the education system. In the media, a proliferation of left wingers seek to pervert daily events to the advantage of their comrades by lies of omission and exaggerations and ridicule of ideological opponents.

These twisting lying deceitful bastards should consider themselves lucky that (perceived) "abuse" is their only concern. In a country with a less submissive and docile citizenry, they would perhaps be suffering resistance that was a bit more tangible.

Y'know what, if they succeed in their attacks on freedom of expression by shutting down criticism on Kiwiblog and elsewhere, then maybe it will come to pass that violence is going to be the only means by which we can free ourselves from these odious totalitarian scum.

Abuse?? Pfft.. Keep pushing socialist scum, and one day, just maybe, you won't what the hell has hit you.

KG said...

"These twisting lying deceitful bastards should consider themselves lucky that (perceived) "abuse" is their only concern. In a country with a less submissive and docile citizenry, they would perhaps be suffering resistance that was a bit more tangible"

I wish.

Redbaiter said...

See here for another dose of the left's "liberalism" (nausea).

They use their pathetic left wing echo chamber to attack Kiwibloggers and then deny debate on the issue.

Like all leftists who like to pose as "liberals", give them any power at all, and they immediately abuse it.

For the record, they deleted my final post on the issue


Yes of course.

Just another left wing echo chamber.

The way you would like the entire country.

You know I am right, and you are so desperate to shut me down you cannot even prevent yourself from offering the proof of my correctness.

Anonymous said...

The "abuse" does not concern me in the slightest, RB, it is DPF who says it concerns him. That's why I put it in "..." I also do not share your faith in DPF. Quite frankly, the further National goes to the left, the more willingly he posts in support. His liberalism is just thinly veiled socialism. He admits to supporting government initiatives a social context and loves to outline how gay and feminist friendly he is that it borders on complete delusion.

You cannot beat the left with personal attacks, you'll just wear them yourself out. You can only beat them with the truth, and Kiwiblog posts do not often contain anything close to the truth. It is a site full of opinion, nothing more. The moment to chose comes to everyone and the blogosphere is no different. DPF has chosen to go left. Fair enough. Choosing the truth isn't easy and requires you to get control of your failings and emotions. You can't afford to be reactive, to get mad all the time, to blurt out opinions, however frustrating the leftist lie may be. Finding the truth is not so easy as to merely oppose everything the left comes up with and usually it comes at a price - perhaps your blog won't get as many hits, perhaps the media won't come to you for comment anymore, perhaps even your blog closes and you take up in another medium.

Wear a man down and you get to see his character. DPF is getting tired and showing his pink slip. If there is any organised campaign afoot, it is pushed only by his association with the fifth column within National and his complicity of everything they represent.

KG said...

"If there is any organised campaign afoot, it is pushed only by his association with the fifth column within National and his complicity of everything they represent."

Exactly. How anybody could regard DPF as anything but a crypto-socialist beats me.