Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is the proper function of a Prime Minister?

This is a little late but I've been wanting to comment on it for a while and now is as good a time as any.

In this post, David Farrar and commenters praised the intervention of John Key in resolving the private dispute between Auckland Museum and the Hillary family. I took a contrarian position arguing it was no business of the Prime Minister involving himself in a private dispute even if it was Sir Ed Hillary. I mean, where's the line drawn? But as a result of my stance I received much abuse and condescension.

I simply ask readers to do the following:

1. Read the Kiwiblog post and my comments.
2. Consider what I say there in light of the statement below by Helen Clark.
"The government's role is whatever the government defines it to be."


Anonymous said...

He solved the situation which appears to have been caused by the idiot running the museum, job done. Is pragmatic not political.

Anonymous said...

Well if that's the case then Helen Clark's quote was spot on.


Lou Taylor said...

Well said Gooner
A government that desires to sort out everyone's problems is a government that we really don't need.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Come on, chaps. Ideology trumping common sense, yet again?

On the one hand you complain because he lets his ministers actually run their own portfolios without being micro managed and then you complain when he sees an opportunity to quietly intervene and prevent a damaging squabble?

It's you blokes who seem to be unsure of what you stand for.

Sally said...

I would have thought that it was for the involved parties / courts to sort out - not the Prime Minister.

Lou and Gooner have raised excellent points. Thanks for alerting us to the excellent article re Clark's fascist statement.

"...Government was not something set up to rule over citizens."

"...only limited government preserving and conforming to the rule of law can be good government."

Anonymous said...

Someone had to do something to rectify a situation where the Hillarys were going to have to go to court to get their family photos back. You can imagine the headlines overseas at this debacle.

I also think it shows Key has a new way of doing things, instead of yet another enquiry lets just sit down and get the job done.
You cant write a job description for a Prime Minister can you ?

Sally said...

Adolf - there is no relevance in your put down.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Gooner. John Key stepping in was like a CEO mediating a parking space dispute between building security and an office supervisor. It degrades the office of the PM. You don't notice how petty and disrespectful it looks until you see the POTUS doing the same thing. He's the PM for godssake, not an mobile HR representative. Does he have nothing better to do?

I really wouldn't put much stock in DPFs pronouncments. He's a lacky for the boys in blue suits.