Friday, July 24, 2009

Roy Morgan Shocker For Labour

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National is down slightly in the latest Roy Morgan poll but Labour has plunged to the depths thus far unknown. teetering on the cusp of the 30% barrier as they face the prospect of humiliation and oblivion. The Greens are the big winners but it will do them no good because their mates in Labour have gone from dog tucker last month to inedible road kill this month. Next month they will be rendered down to a dusty trace of blood and bone.

Labour down 1.5% to 30%

Greens up 2.0% to 10%

National is down a bit but it's not really significant in the bigger picture.

What is significant is that this poll does NOT take into account the period of Goff's most egregious gaffes and obvious devious manipulation of information and people for political advantage. He has been exposed as a very nasty piece of work.

Labour can look forward to 27% or worse, next time round.



It is interesting to see that National is on 52%, more than they polled last November.
It is also interesting to see that TOWMNBM who won his election a few days before john Key is increasingly unpopular.
Even CNN and BBC World reported this fact.
Is this because the US media sold a lie giving Americans a doctinaire socialist leader, while in contrast John Key is much more pragmatic and more in tune with public opinion?
It is curious that if there is one thing worse than the seemingly invisible Republican leadership, it is the bunch of buffoons we have in NZ Liarbour?

Anonymous said...

Nice spinning Adolf!

Nats fall by a tiny, barely noticeable 2 points, but the big story? Labour support collapses by 1.5!

Judge Holden

ISeeRed said...

Link doesn't work.

I'm more disappointed Greens are up to 10%. They're just economic illiterates and starry-eyed idealists. Presumably, so are most of their supporters.

Anonymous said...

How're Act doing? Must be really well given that their now in government implementing policy! 6? 7?

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

Your obsession with Obama is weird and creepy. Give it up, we are all thoroughly sick of it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Judge Holden, not spin. Your lot has shed one twentieth of its support in just one month while National has shed only one twenty seventh of it's support.

Rodney Hide and John Key are firmly established in power but what is significant - and the ONLY thing that is significant - is that Goff is the only leader who is floundering and facing an imminent leadership challenge.

I do hope you enjoy another day in lala labourland.

(corrected version reposted)


Adolf is correct in noting the drop in support of the Liarbour Party, even if he sheould have been perhaps a little more open about the 2% drop in support for National.
As he says, it represents a major share of its already small support base.
And based on the mendacious actions of Phil Goff this week, it can only get worse.

I See Red is absolutely correct in referring to the Greens as economic illiterates.

His significance, the 'obsesseion' stems from the way the MSM protrayed as him presenting an honourable and principled new beginning.
Instead we get a leader born out of corruption, one who hides his past, one presented as oh so popular.
Yet after seeing him dishing out socialism, pushing the US towards bankruptcy, we finally see the polls turn against him, something his supporters, including much of the media deny or downplay.
TOWMNBM is the leader of the free world, one of the most powerful men on the planet.
If the MSM had been more honest about him in the election campaign, it would not be necessary for me and other bloggers to point out his failings.
There again, if the MSM had been honest, John McCain would be US president.
And I do think the contrast between the prgmatism and moderation of John Key is well worth contrasting against the extremisim shown by the US leader.

Falafulu Fisi said...

I don't understand why on earth, people are supporting the Greens? Either they're stupid/idiot or they simply like their socialist policies , since they themselves are the recipients of those (ie, government handouts & wealth redistribution policies - robbing Peter to pay Paul).

I despise this party more than any other. The sooner they disappear from Parliament the better for the country.

Inventory2 said...

Fairfacts - could you PLEASE stop banging on about Obama?

Anonymous said...

I guess the issue then becomes, if Labour is so bad, where do the left go?

The problem is, none of the media cares to tackle the Greens head on over policy.

They see this feelgood bullshit over the environment and go all gaga over gaia.

That was one of the points of what FFM said weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

"Your lot has shed one twentieth of its support in just one month while National has shed only one twenty seventh of it's (sic)support."

Oh well then, the Greens support is up by one fourth in just one month! And the Nats lost one third more voters than Labour!

Spinning is easy and fun.

(And your maths is wrong BTW).

Judge Holden

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Judge Holden

You're like the Mafia. You're fucked but you don't know it.

liberty said...

It appears there is a realignment within the socialist block. With The communist now in control of the greens. While labour is floundering around like a headless chook. The hard left are taking the opportunity to move to their natural home.