Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random observations.

1. Has Phil Goff got a jaw of steel?

Recent events would suggest he has. Any man that can repeatedly smash his face against the immovable rock of common sense and decency must be tough as concrete.
The latest one two punch is the beneficiaries that labour threw at Paula Bennett, they bounced right back.
Are Labour and its hapless team so disconnected from the public that they are unable to find a genuine hardship case? It would appear so.

2. Has there ever been a more ridiculous attempt at a defense in a NZ court than; "She had a feeling in her head"?
I don't think so.
This one will need to go down as the Napoleon move. An attempt by a defense lawyer that his/her client is a deluded dribbler and should be pitied rather than punished.
And I am still wondering why this liar was not pulled for this in 2004 when they first called her qualifications into question.
Update 4.55 p.m
We now have reached the point of "the dog ate my homework"
We should not forget that this trial is just about a fraudulent CV. The backdooring of relatives into the country is a whole different issue.

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mawm said...

I see that the two bludging twats are crying foul over their details being exposed and want to take the government on. Don't they know when it's time to keep their heads down?

The effontery of these two slappers to want tax payers to fund their lives!