Sunday, July 26, 2009

Questions of sport

The AB's are at 50% this season. Two wins, two losses. Is this acceptable? How come All Black hookers, who do nothing but play Rugby and practice/train, cannot throw the ball 6 metres to someone who is 6'5" and then lifted off the ground?

Why do we throw $30 million at the Americas Cup just so we can't be involved? Why don't we enter a team in the Tour de France which would get us 10 times the coverage?

Speaking of Le Tour, how will Contador hold the trophy up with arms as skinny as that (see left)?

Finally, Kimberley Smith finishes 3rd in a rich 5,000 metre race in London behind an Ethiopian and a Kenyan. Her time puts her 15th in the World this year guessed it 14 Africans.

How will she ever win a medal at the World champs in a few weeks despite being the fastest white woman on earth?


Barnsley Bill said...

You beat me to the punch with this post.
The NZRFU reappointed Henry prior to the tri-nations. This proves once and for all that Henry is the greatest....... At contract negotiation, and the cantab clowns who run our national game are NOT.
We will never have a team in Le Tour because our sealed roads are shite and we are too puritanical to allow our leading sportspeople to get on the juice. Unless they are teenage polynesians who we only need for a few seasons of Creatin fuelled brilliance and then we will all tut tut while they try and buy new kidneys.
Contadors arms are huge.... When compared to those of Whale Oil.
Are you suggesting that we should have a white persons world champs? I Thought that had gone out of fashion after the Moscow Olympics.
Back to the rugby, we have not had an accurate hooker since fitzpatrick, every number two since then has been spraying them around like a mad ladies piss.

WAKE UP said...

White people don't have to run - they invented the motor car :)

Anonymous said...

It's called peaking - Kim Smith will finally get a headline above the All Blacks and others when she belies her world ranking at the Champs.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right anon cos she's a star.


Anonymous said...

Kim's best event is the 10,000, where she (off the top of my head) finished 4th in Osaka in 2007.

Remember Kim lacks the true top end speed needed for that event, she raced New York marathon last year where unfortunately she failed to finish.

baxter said...

You missed our finest sporting moment over the weekend. The little girl on the BMX bike that won two world titles after years of trying.