Friday, July 24, 2009

Power 1, Gotlieb Nil

Remind Adolf to never, ever hire the walking talking ego Gary Gotleib who, by the sound of it, went to the same school of debating skills management as that other loser, Phil Goff. It's been a terribly terribly bad week for all the lefties and their followers.

Gotlieb leaped into print accusing the Justice Minister of not knowing the law when he announced his intention to change the laws surrounding the allowable evidence relating to a rape complainant's previous sexual behaviour.

"Mr Gotlieb, a former President of the Auckland District Law Society, earlier said he was concerned the Justice Minister did not know the law.

"I'm just gobsmacked that we've got a lawyer who is Minister of Justice who has got no idea what the law is. How much confidence does that give you in our politicians who are making law and don't know what the law is."

Gobsmacked indeed, Mr Gotleib. It's your gob which is being smacked down by Mr Simon Power.

Simon Power has set out to improve the justice system. Photo / Mark Mitchell

"Lawyers such as senior Auckland defence lawyer Gary Gotlieb say the restrictions is already law under the Evidence Act, and therefore completely unnecessary.

But this relates to sexual history with people other than the accused. Mr Power said currently the previous sexual relationship between the complainant and the accused does not need the judge's agreement before being brought up in court.

Mr Power clarified his proposal by giving further detail that he wanted to ensure that all evidence relating to a complainants' sexual history was dealt with in a consistent way - irrespective of whether the sexual history involves the defendant or any other person."


gingercrush said...

It seems that it wasn't only Gotlieb but also half the blogosphere that are completely thick. Does anyone really think a Minister of Justice would read out a proposal that is already fucking law?

alex Masterley said...

GC, yes.
Oh and by the way Gary G ain't a QC.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry, I thought he was.