Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old Yeller Howling At The Moon

If there's any one MP from any party who needs to 'come clean' it's Annette King, the fat old dog from Labour.

This morning she's managed to get her socialist friends at Radio Left Wing to carry her spurious call for Minister Bennett to 'come clean' about how she obtained information on Labour's two latest mendacious stooges.

Annette King needs to remember that New Zealanders are more interested in hearing her 'come clean' about all her dirty work at the Hawkes Bay DHB, where it is alleged she and David Cunliffe skilfully assisted her husband and his mates conceal their devious machinations and rorting of contracts to their own and her financial benefit.

So what about it Old Girl? When are YOU going to start yapping?

New Zealanders aren't interested in how the Minister discovered a wealthy benefit fraudster. They are cheering her on for having done so. However, they really DO want to see you and your corrupt friends in Labour get your public comeuppance.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget it was also Annette King who wasted $9m by deferring the referendum.

kehua said...

Adolph. will we ever hear the truth re HB DHB?

pdm said...

Kehua - if there is one issue that requires a full enquiry it is the actions of Cunliffe, King and a few others at the HBDHB.