Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, Sir Roger Do Not **** Me

Someone should tell Rodney Hide to tell Sir Roger Douglas to go and get some PR lessons.

Sir Roger Douglas (Source: NZPA)

Labour Party people will be laughing their heads off as the silly old duffer takes ALL the flak for ALL MPs who have 'overused' their parliamentary perks. His arrogant quip "I'm entitled to take a holiday" is inflammatory and stupid.

Instead of focusing on the exorbitant use of travel allowances for party purposes as practiced by Phil Goff, the media are having a picnic pursuing Sir Roger's personal first class family visit to the UK. Unfortunately for ACT, ordinary voters strongly resent MP's slurping up taxpayers hard earned for personal pleasure and Roger Douglas has made himself the figurehead for this resentment. He has become the archetypal slurper. A rich prick who doesn't need the money but is in for every penny he can get. Whether or not that is true, doesn't matter. It is now the entrenched perception.

Singlehandedly, he has destroyed Rodney Hide's reputation as a 'perk buster.'

I'm afraid the events of the last two days have turned him into an electoral liability for his party. It would be as well if he does not allow his name to be put forard in 2011.

Audrey Young is onto it:-

"Act's Sir Roger Douglas, Parliament's most vocal campaigner against wasteful spending of taxpayers' money, was among the highest-spending non-ministers."


Anonymous said...

thought exactly the same. had he merely said that includes some spending as part of my superannuation entitlements it would have mitigated the fallout. Once labour, always Labour when it comes to entitlement, hmmm?

Sally said...

There is a saying that 'looking for an honest politician is like looking for an ethical burglar."

When I read your post Adolf this came to mind and for a moment I thought Roger fitted the bill.

After reading what he had to say it is evident that Roger was being open and transparent. He was being honest and ethical.

It's not Roger that needs a PR lesson, it is sensational misleading headlines and articles, such as yours that require the lesson.

Anonymous said...

Roger may not need PR, but Adolf is right: Hide can no longer claim to be a perk buster.

In this regard, Roger Douglas is no different to the recent beneficiaries who claimed "entitlement" whilst being called out by Paula Bennett. Its just the amount of bludging thats different.

ZenTiger said...

Given citizens now have financial information deemed "open to the public" when are all of the Minister's financial activities be open to the OIA. They conveniently exempt themselves from the same scrutiny, and the public doesn't have the capability to find out and simply announce the figures "in the interests of transparency"

erikter said...

The word bludger comes to mind. Shame on Roger Douglas!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me that Sir Roger would have been entitled to 90% of his and his wife's overseas airfares had he been an MP or not, so the facts surrounding his spending are a little different to all the other MPs. It is probable that if those airfares are deducted from the amount, he would have spent about the same as the other ACT MPs.

Anonymous said...

The perk busting mantra Rodney had went years ago. He is now the MP for Epsom and Minister of Local Government.

Inventory2 said...

We blogged very similar sentiments at 6.54am this morning. Sir Roger was made to look as though he was suffering from an advanced case of Entitleitis

Anonymous said...

Sir Roger was made to look as though he was suffering from an advanced case of Entitleitis

And nobody has just pointed out this is nothing but lefty media payback!

Sir Roger is one of the greatest living Kiwis. He - of all people - is surely actually "entitled" to a UK Holiday. Hell he deserves it! Completely unlikely beneficiaries and bludgers. This is absolutely nothing but an MSM beat-up - and Nominister and Whale should stand against it - not call for him to resign!

David said...

Would it not be appropriate that the airfare "entitlement" gets suspended if an ex-MP goes back into the House? I understand (but may be wrong) that Parliamentary pensions are suspended in this case.

And shouldn't your headline read "Oh, Sir **** Do Not Roger Me"

Kevin said...

it's the old 'say as I say not as I do' syndrome...

Kevin said...

or is it... 'do as I say not as I do'?

Anonymous said...

"He - of all people - is surely actually "entitled" to a UK Holiday. Hell he deserves it!"

So Sinner, we abolish all welfare and state funding of health and education, but it's OK Roger you can keep your freebie first class holidays to Europe. Nice to know where you're coming from. You're Roger's mum aren't you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sally, forgive me for reminding you that you are a fool. (I was going to say 'a silly bitch' and thought better of it.)It's the PR damage which is the issue.

Do learn to read past the first line, dear.

I mean hell, do you just read the list of ingredients and then throw everything into a blazing hot wok before you realise you are supposed to be making a cake?

Back to your pots and pans, where you belong!

Anonymous said...

So Sinner, we abolish all welfare and state funding of health and education,

yes of course

but it's OK Roger you can keep your freebie first class holidays to Europe. Nice to know where you're coming from. You're Roger's mum aren't you?
Again yes of course. Health and welfare cost billions and go to the undeserving. Parliamentary pensions and travel goes either to the deserving or to members of the Labour party - and of course the latter should be jailed. But in any case, they cost only hundreds of thousands, or millions. It's completely and utterly unrelated.

Anonymous said...

"It's completely and utterly unrelated."

No Sinner, it's a discussion about the best way to spend limited taxpayer funds. You want to take money of the gainfully employed and give it to multimillionaires to take first-class holidays overseas. Nice.

Judge Holden

Heine said...

Well it wasn't Rogers finest moment but at least we're not the ones fucking up their only opportunity of a decent right wing coalition Govt in a decade.

National, I raise my hat to you. Anything to obscure the fact National supports HIGH taxes, WFF and the 2008 Labour manifesto.

Sir Roger isn't entitled to anything - apart from what polticians are allowed to access, but this is small fry compared to the pisspoor excuse we have for a "right wing" Government.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Oh no, Sir Roger is collecting part of his salary and bonuses from when he retired from parliament back in 1990.

Now New Zealand will never get back into the top half of the OECD. That lovely man, John Key, was taking all the correct actions to New Zealand's woeful economic problems and all.

I tell you what, as punishment for Sir Roger "Getting paid" lets appoint him Finance Minister for the next decade. That'll teach him!!

Heine said...

Good point OECD, this is indeed a beat up. If Sir Roger earned this privilege then surely he should be allowed to take advantage of it. Putting into perspective the fact he hardly ever uses this entitlement and is one of the few politicians who really does practise what he preaches - I find the wailing from the centrists a little, "Labour" like.

Why is Bill English getting $1000 a week for his family home. Oh I hear National is defending the payments as within the rules. $1000 a week is a hellava lot more than one little trip to London.

WAKE UP said...

Two levels:

1) How much should MPs be entitled to? Time for a SERIOUS discussion on that.

2) Once rationalised as above, how should MPs access their entitlements in a rational, moral, flexible manner? Time MPs had a SERIOUS discussion on that! (as in: You don't have to be a saint, but you don't have to be a Bernie Madoff either).

Human nature's a wonderful thing, innit?

James said...

While Rogers example isn't a good look I would point out that unlike nearly all the others he's actually earned a little slack as he saved NZ billions with his reforms and so a few thou for a trip to Britain is small recompense all things considered.

Add in the fact that if he had his way perks like this would decrease massivley he's still holding the high ground against all comers...

ZenTiger said...

The solution is fairly simple - pay Ministers in the same way businesses pay their staff.

No life time tax free benefits, but a regular taxable salary that ends when their employment ends.

The same superannuation options, the same travel options.

Given they do so much travel "for the job", then let them keep their frequent flyer points, and they can use them in their retirement.

Long service might earn long service leave, which effectively allows them to take several months off with pay (taxed) on their retirement as they wait around for the plum jobs and cushy Directorates.

Heine said...

In that case Zen, Roger is entitled to hand maidens for eternity and his flights to be on a gold plated concorde. His results both in NZ and grateful other countries are proof he is indeed entitled to it.