Thursday, July 30, 2009

Modern Day Gestapo

What an extraordinary revelation. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Whining sniveling Charles Chauvels' obsequious questions of Minister Bennett have come back to bite him on his pansy little arse.

"What advice did you take?" he asked.

"How did you access the information?" he bleated.

"Oooooooh this is invasion of privacy!" he shrieked.

Yet, all along he knew where the information came from.

It came from a direct computer link installed in all Ministers' offices by none other than the Labour Regime of control freak Helen Clark.

"Labour MP Trevor Mallard confirmed that as education minister he had a staff member with access to the Education Ministry database. Other ministers would have had staffers with access to their departments. "

But if Helen Clark had caught a minister using information which we all know is available inappropriately she would have sacked them."

Yeah Right, Trev. Have another Tui's.

Did you know that Michael Cullen could have a staff member go into the IRD's main frame and access your personal tax records?

Did you know that Annette King could ask a staffer to go into the Health Ministry's database and access your personal medical file?

Did you ever wonder how Trevor Mallard was able to parade Erin Leigh's personal employment record in the House under privilege?

Well now you know.

Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and the twenty first century's New Zealand National Socialist Party.

hattip: adamsmith1922


KG said...

Well, thank God we got rid of Labour then--National will fix this quick-smart...
They will fix it, won't they?
Won't they?

dad4justice said...

KG, National couldn't quick fix the country if they were overflowing with super glue.
What a mess!~!

Anonymous said...

No, KG, they won't. But you knew that. I wish I could say there was hope but I guess reality is better.

Nice to see you're still around D4J.

adamsmith1922 said...


Thanks for the H/T

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