Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lying - That's The Labour Way

Lying seems to be the first resort for Labour. And The Herald isn't much better.

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Back in April 2008 I noted the Party's theme song - to the tune "He Lives."

He lied, he lied, Mike Williams lied today,
He lies to me, he lies to you,
For that's the Labour way.

He lies, he lies, the nation to deceive,
The more you hear, the more you know,
They cannot be believed.

File:NewZealand PhilGoff 01.jpg

'Whack it on the bill Phil' continues in the proud tradition of Lying Labour so ably evinced last year by Mike Williams. You could always tell when Clark was lying because there would be that tell tale little half cough, half laugh. Phil Goff is easier to pick. You can see his lips moving.

Here's what John Armstrong has to say about it.

Twice within the past two months, Goff has sought to cause National discomfort only to end up pinging himself by failing to disclose facts....."

Where I come from, we call that lying. John Armstrong sums it up thus as 'game over Goff.'

"If he fails to win in 2011, Goff knows his party will look for someone else to lead them into the next election. If he keeps performing in the fashion displayed this week his colleagues might start asking themselves whether they should not look elsewhere before then."

The only problem facing his colleagues is that like Hitler's nazis in 1945, all they have left is the Hitler Youth and 'die alten soldaten' - the Pensioners' Regiment. The Yanks used to call them the belly boys, as they shot them down - they all had paunches.

Interesting to see the obsequious Herald carries a front page update to their fatally flawed earlier story about the fool Burgess. Nowhere did the reporter or the paper admit to or apologise for adding his name to a story planted by Labour without the slightest effort to check facts.

But for the immediate attention of bloggers and the Gnats' research unit, Goff might have got away with it.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Absolutely hilarious to see on Dim Post all the lefties complaining about how hard it is to sack underperforming staff from the Labour Comms Unit!!!!!!!!!


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