Monday, July 27, 2009

Look What We Nearly Got!!

It's just as well Phil Rudd or Kevni Goff is not running the place here.
Australia's PM about to take a light snack.

Australians are about to start paying the very high price for Rudd's profligacy. He thinks he had to spend his way out of recession and he continues to do so, running up huge deficits in the process. Tax and spend is thriving in Oz.

Adolf is damned glad Messrs Key and English have a more responsible approach.

The best thing Phil Goff could do for both country's is to transfer his pantomime enquiry into bank interest rates across the ditch and relocate its venue to Sydney and then Melbourne. He could get The Libs to pay for the enquiry for it is Turnbull and his mates who have most to gain.

"One of Mr Rudd's most obvious political dilemma's is how tighter monetary policy would clash with the timing of the next election, due by the end of 2010.

The opposition is war-gaming for an early election before next May's budget. The thinking in the Liberal camp is that Labor won't want to tell voters where it will cut spending to achieve its promised surplus by the middle of this decade."

The Blond Headed Wax Eater looks set to become an endangered species.


Anonymous said...

Key and English aren't taxing and spending? Could have fooled me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Then you are an easy fool.


It could have been even worse.
We might have got Gordon Brown.
And there's some other guy whose name escapes me :)

Anonymous said...

We might have got Hitler! We might have got the man from mars! But thank god we only got a trumped up socialist prat called John Key. Whatever you're selling, it's quality must be crap if the only positive feature is that it isn't something worse.