Friday, July 24, 2009

Liarbour's ladyboys and eunuchs!!!

Since my posts on Thai ladyboys have attracted much interest, I thought I would share you a story from Pattaya People's Television.

A few days back a group of Indian tourists were robbed late one night on Pattaya beach by some ladyboys.

One told police that after they 'had a cuddle' he discovered his wallet was missing!

I mentioned this to my mate, who lives in Thailand, and he reminds us that underneath the make-up and lipstick, ladyboys are still male and can thus be quite strong.

Indeed, you should see some of the drag queens that perform on Auckland's K Road!

Which brings me on to the Liarbour Party. You can see how one has you thinking about the other.

After arriving in Auckland at lunchtime, I was reading a funny piece in the NZ Herald from Claire Trevett concerning the fallout concerning the well-to-do welfare bludger and Liarbour poster boy Bruce Burgess.

I started to wonder which Liarbour figure might well be likened to a ladyboy, but, no, they are more like eunuchs.

Read how Claire Trevett reveals how skilful surgeon Bill English yesterday was castrating allcomers yesterday, slice by slice.

First up was a statement he found from MP Charles Chauvel's time as president of the Labour Youth Council in a previous year of recession - 1988. Mr Chauvel told then Employment Minister Phil Goff to "take action or resign".
"Charles Chauvel is probably feeling the same way today," Mr English said.
He goes on with further pearls from Labour's former years - this time deputy leader Annette King berating others for "using the backs of unemployed people to make political points. I despair at the gamesmanship of politicians trying to get votes from the problem of unemployment".
Clearly worried that Labour has not quite understood, he returns to the topic with a more overt dig - noting he had heard about one man suffering in the recession "who was used for political purposes by the Labour Party, which has now left him high and dry".

David Cunliffe and Trevor Mallard were also left impotent at the hands of Dr Bill English, as the finance minister was able to cut down anything raised by Liarbour on unemployment.
Trevett concluded:

He wraps up with a list of dos and don'ts for any others unfortunate enough to be laid off. Do go to a Work and Income office to check if they can help. Don't "make an appointment with the Labour Party, because they will never quite know when they will be dragged into political debate and have their personal circumstances misrepresented for political purposes".

Indeed, what a skiful operator National has in Bill English, who this week has left Liarbour looking like a gaggle of toothless eunuchs!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well actually no, I DON'T want to see some of the drag queens who perform in K Rd.


I bet Phil Goff wouldn't either.
They would eat him for breakfast.

Heine said...

Kathoey - Thai lady boys are pretty freaky. You need to be pretty drunk or don't understand the womens body to fall for them. I have seen many on the streets and they are simply not to be messed with.

Anonymous said...

When will this chump learn!

you know FFM, with all you posts from the debauched gay centric man sex capitals of the world in the past 6 months anyone would think you were gay yourself and trying to hide it.

posts also on gay marriage like you care about it.

captcha = closetout
How on earth does it know?

Anonymous said...

This post is the end of the line for this regular reader and commenter.
This pervy dross makes me very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a witty post comparing Labout to youknowwhat.
I see FFM writes about things he sees in his world, like when he is in Britain we hear about Britain; when he is in Oz, we get Oz, etc.
Now he is returning to his Northland home, unless Kerikeri and Paihia has turned into Sodom and Gamorrah, with keri's coffee shops now as hostess bars, and ladyboys causing havoc on Paihia beachfront, I doubt we will hear such stories again.
Adolf writes about the things he has seen in Fiji.
Lou writes about his experiences in Africa.
Same with the others.
It is because No Minister has such a variety of bloggers with a range of backgrounds that makes this blog so good.
FFM should be commended on covering things we might not necessarily expect.
He is being somewhat brave in doing so.
Anonymous, whoever you are, if you stopped reading here, you would miss out.

Anonymous said...

Tell me that wasn't the pervy author defending himself anonymously?
What a bunch of twits.

Anonymous said...

Of course it was.

Same syntax, same inane sentence structure.

Why doesn't FFM tell us about the secret lifestyle of the gays down by the Falls at Kerikeri then?

Anonymous said...

He probably doesn't know.
How cum you do anonymous?

Anonymous said...
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