Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is swine flu a hoax??

I was sat in a Bangkok cybercafe last night and I overheard an American woman talking to its owner.
She said swine flu was not as bad as claimed and was being hyped up by the government to take people's minds off the economy.
People might be losing their jobs, she continued, but they will be happy to remain alive.
Well, I haven't kept up-to-date of what's happening with Swine Flu in New Zealand, but it is big news in Britain.
A handy diversion for the media to take attention from the many failings of Gordon Brown and his government.
Here in Bangkok, its a major issue too, with the papers having many stories and many Thais buying and wearing facemasks. I have just past a street-trader who was offering them in a nice range of colours and patterns.
The other day, I was in a taxi and I happened to give one of my allergy sneezes and within seconds all the electric windows were opened.
Now, it may be this American woman was a complete moonbat, but there has been much commentary about Swine Flu being a hoax.
I remember how in New Zealand we had a Foot and Mouth scare in Waiheke just as Helen Clark faced possible troubles over Doonegate, and the media frenzy let that matter pass by.
How much do our politicians manipulate the media like this? How much can we trust our political masters?
Like I say, I don't know whether swine flu is a hoax or is as bad as claimed.
But that bird flu crisis a few years back didn't eventuate into much, did it?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, swine flu's a hoax created by Gordon Brown with the willful assistance of every other government on earth and the WHO. We should all be fretting instead about the possibility insurance companies defaulting on claims arising from a catastrophic earthquake in California which hasn't happened yet but which will pave the way for an Arab-Chinese takeover of the world.

You do this for laughs don't you?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention ZanuLiarbore and The One!

baxter said...

Well so far in NZ 11 people have died who had swine flu, most seem to have had other life threatening conditions. I think in a normal year about 500 people die who have normal seasonal flu as a contributing factor.

Global warming is a bloody great hoax though.


Indeed Baxter, many people die from normal flus all the time.
Why should swine flu be seen as any different?
I recall some years back hyping up the threat from bird flu to make a feature of interest and value to a management magazine.
My editor had some sceptism about it but the scare was seen as a major issue of the day.
In the end, she was right, and the scare over bird flu was that it, just a scare.

Anonymous said...

"I recall some years back hyping up the threat from bird flu to make a feature of interest and value to a management magazine."

That explains a lot.