Saturday, July 25, 2009

Herald Stands In For Standard

This morning's Herald could be mistaken for a Labour Party advertising brochure. No wonder its circulation is falling.

First, John Armstrong berates the Head of Treasury for telling the Public Service that it needs to harden up because that is the policy of the government of the day. Armstrong, who usually is more reliable, proceeds to assert that somehow this is partisan conduct. Good God, Mr Armstrong, the man is doing his job which is making sure public servants implement the policies of the elected government. Armstrong tries to justify his palpably flawed argument by comparing Mr Whitehead's actions with the appalling speech by the Chief Justice in which she crossed the line into policy activism.

Mr Armstrong, The Treasury Secretary was doing his job, the Lady with the wig was interfering.
John Whitehead

Mr Armstrong might have done better to wonder why Mr whitehead felt he needed to take such a step. The answer lies in a public service laced with Labour Party activists who have been infiltrated into every significant part of the bureaucracy. (No better example can be found than the careful leaking by bureaucrats of the enquiry into unfounded allegations of corruption by National Party MP Buckshee.) Mr Whitehead was giving them a clear blunt message and quite rightly so.

Armstrong then indulged in a shrill outburst against privatisation - he might as well hold his hand out to the Labour Party for his salary this week.

Next, The Herald engaged in a bit of its own partisan politicking by printing an unattributed editorial contending that Phil Goff's new policy of paying the dole to millionaires and the unemployed spouses of the nation's 'rich listers' is, wait for it, 'heading in the right way.'

Finally, another faceless editorial writer had a go at portraying Labour's money and time wasting so-called enquiry into bank interest rates as 'a welcome initiative.' It is nothing of the sort. It is shameless grandstanding.


Doug said...

No wonder the old tree Media are loosing readership, I wonder if they will wake up before it is to late.

Lucy said...

and we are suprised because......?

Alan said...

The Herald has become a 'rag'
crippled by its own leftism, I am
among a number of friends who
cancelled their subscription Months ago.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Alan said...
I am
among a number of friends who
cancelled their subscription Months ago

Me too. I canceled mine last week. I often find the content too narrow, old news, too lefty and mostly useless stuff to read. I just manage to read the free Herald Online for stories that are interested to me.

Anonymous said...

Crap lefty paper for a crap lefty cuntry.

Hell even the guardian is calling for huge pay cuts, saying the tories will run a mini-budget immediately chopping all public service salaries and total spending by 15% - and then delivering tax cuts even in a recession.

who the fuck is doing what needs to be done here?