Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goff's last 100 days?

It looks like Phil Goff's honeymoon is rapidly deteriorating into his wake. He has never really got a handle on being glorious leader and consequently has been fighting his battles in the wrong trenches. The war has moved on and throwing cannon fodder like Bruce Burgess into the fray has only served to highlight what an inept leader he really is.

Whilst many wish that his bumbling stay at the top is prolonged, I say bring on the night of the long BBQs.

I want to see what the real Labour looks like. Because that is the fight.

While they have been stripped to their core we have the opportunity to see their true colours.

I don't want my children inheriting a nanny state utopia where they are treated as a source of endless taxation and wealth redistribution.

Time is of the essence.

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WAKE UP said...

LOU, he not only "...never really got a handle on being glorious leader", he never got a handle ON his Glorious Leader.