Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goff's Gone To The Blogs

Very interesting commentary today from Bill Ralston

If the commentary by the bloggers was hostile then many of the readers' comments were insulting enough to make a hardened talkback caller blush.

In a fairly predictable account of Phil Goff's recent decline into irrelevancy there is an unexpected but stand out quote.

"The blogosphere means we now hear what party supporters once said in private discussions over a beer."

This came after he ranged through the postings and comments from a number of leftie blogs, evincing the left's anger at Goff's recent pontifications and blunders. The knives are being sharpened but the bloodletting will have to wait. Labour needs a mug to stand up in the house until it can find itself a real leader.

Essentially he is saying that blogs can almost be used as the poor man's focus group. Adolf long has thought blogs in fact are the intelligent man's talk back radio - if you keep away from the execrable Standard, of course.

All in all, I'm pleased to see that Bill Ralston shares Adolf's view that Labour does not have a shit's show in 2011, no matter who they throw up as leader. Yes, 'throw up' is right.

Adolf smiles as he sees the very people who hounded Dr Brash out of the house now supporting a leader who makes Dr Brash look like a modern day Disraeli.


Anonymous said...

Labour won't have a shit's hope in hell unless Key really, really fucks up.

But in some way, he already has: there was a chance to wipe out Labour for ever and he hasn't taken it yet.

where is the anti-corruption inquity?

Sooner or later this will happen - and it should wipe out Labour, unless it's seen as a last-ditch attempt to keep National in power in 2020 or something.

Best to move now.

WAKE UP said...

The Brash business remains a major unresolved stain on New Zealand politics. It has become de rigueur to refer to his Orewa speech (where it all started) as a Negative but the fact is, the reaction to that speech was overwhelmingly positive. Panic buttons were immediately activated - and the rest is the bullshit "history" that is now continually served up.

Ignoring Goff/Labour's floundering for the moment, the task is now to root Labour's pernicious legacy in the bureaucracy and media.

WAKE UP said...

oops "...root out..." of course :)

ZenTiger said...

Another fine post title.