Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The end of welfare?

Things to come out of the DPB saga
  1. This debate is a long time overdue
  2. Taxpayers are entitled to know where their money is going.
  3. A government that takes over the responsibility of people's welfare and personal problems are probably in it for their own ends.
  4. No matter how well intentioned, human nature will always ensure that welfare is rorted and abused.
  5. While welfare started as a noble deed to provide a means to the truly needy, it has grown to be the Achilles heel of the western world.
  6. It has distorted our society and diminished personal responsibility.
  7. The system is unsustainable and will inevitably lead to the demise of the standard of living that we proudly built over the past century.
  8. You can only afford to pay people to do nothing for so long.
  9. No politician will ever have the courage to confront the real problem.
  10. So basically we are ******.


Redbaiter said...

"So basically we are ******."

Only if you think so.

Get fucking angry for chrissakes.

What are you all?

Fucking wimps to be walked all over?

Stick together. Support one another. Confront those politicians who use welfare as a step to power. Confront the arseholes who support those politicians.

You are far too tolerant of these bastards.

Its only happening BECAUSE YOU LET IT HAPPEN.


Lou Taylor said...

Now that I'm 50 RB, I don't give a shit. I am securing my families future. Why don't you come out from behind your mask and solve the country's problems. while it may be possible to turn things around, demographics says that in the future fewer workers and more old people is a recipe for social welfare disaster. Plus the workers will not be the layabout trash raised by our stuffed society but the sons and daughters of our recent immigrants who will sieze their opportunities and succeed. But they will not be inclined to support a massive welfare system like we have. So we are *******.

The Silent Majority said...

"No politician will ever have the courage to confront the real problem."

There is one such politician, but sadly the Nats won't listen to him. In fact, there are 5 such MP's at present, we just need to all give them more of our Party Votes next election.

This country truly needs the spine.

Lou Taylor said...

You are also right SM but sadly by the time we wake up to the fact it will be too late. Plus the next generation will be so consumed with climate change that welfare reform will be seen as the least of their problems. The socialists have cleverly moved the debate on before we have even had the opportunity to question where social welfare is taking us as a society. Their grip is tightening as their personal reward is great. An endless supply of our money.

WAKE UP said...

Actually, Don Brash was "One such MP", and look what happened to him - skewered from both Right and Left.

Gooner said...

Don Brash had no caucus support. He wasn't welcomed into the party and wasn't given a send off when he left. I know there are cheerleaders for the National Party here but I ask them to state one major area of reform the National Party has got into since being elected. Not the government, the National Party. The biggest reform undertaken is being driven by Rodney Hide. There is no reform anywhere else because the Nats won't change anything. They are living up to their election promises not to do anything. All the Nats are interested in is keeping Labour out and that's not acceptable.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hey fellers, welcome to politics. It really is the art of the possible and John Key seems to have mastered it very well. Look, listen and learn, why don't you?

Alan said...

You get the society you deserve,and
if you think the likes of'mallow
puff' Key will put things right,
think again. Face facts, Act
whatever their merits, have a
forlorn hope of ever getting into
a position where they might alter this country's direction for the better.

Gooner said...

True Adolf. And Key is learning it's possible to do nothing for three years and be re-elected. I find that utterly unacceptable, especially with this financial and social position this country is in.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Come now, Gooner. Nothing? Nothing????

For goodness sake. Here is the man who got us a sovereign credit UPGRADE when everyone feared and expected a downgrade? You call that nothing?

Here is a man who has brought floating mortgage rates down from 10.5% to 6.5%. That's a fucking big heap of nothing.

It's a mere nothing that the secretary of treasury has felt comfortable reading the riot act to a bloated and out of control public service.

You really really are telling the world why ACT continues to languish at just 1.0% in the opinion polls despite all the help it has been given by a benevolent National Party.

There there, little feller. It will be alright in the morning. Now dry your tears and off you go to ni nighs.

Gooner said...

Piss off Adolf, I've got some more National Party bashing to do yet!


Calm down dears!
Such division only helps the left.
John Key does have to walk a tightrope between delivering something and keeping his job.
But he does seem to be playing things a little too safe.
But only time will tell.
Indeed, justing by the above, can I expect to see another join me in exile?


judging by the above

Anonymous said...

Confront those politicians who use welfare as a step to power. Confront the arseholes who support those politicians.

And most importantly confront the fucking bludgers!

In fact, there are 5 such MP's at present

There is at least one MP - Garrett - who has the right attitude but even fucking Roger talks about guaranteed incomes and continuing super and the dole through compulsory private insurance with taxpayer subsidiers - welfare by another name

TURN THE FUCKING TAP OFF NOW - and fix the voting system so anyone who gets or has got or supports welfare CAN"T VOTE

Then arm and resource the cops properly to deal with any downstream shit. That's how to do it. Thatcher did it - so can NZ!

The biggest reform undertaken is being driven by Rodney Hide.

What??? you mean the fucking super-city - which was of course designed and promoted by Helen Elizabeth Clark

When Rodney announces a taxpayer franchise, rates capping, and reduction of councils to core businesses I'll believe it. Before then he is fucking Key's poodle, and his Productivity Commission is just ACT's version of the Families Commission - complete wastes of time and money

The problem is NOT what to do to fix NZ: the problem is the courage to do it!

gingercrush said...

You authors can be angry at each other sometimes. Adolf and Fairfacts are right.Its going to take time. When you have an opposition that is screaming about how horrible far-right policies are you have to walk carefully and choose your battles.

This government is making changes. Changes to land ownership,changes to immigration.Remodeling the RMA. Putting in place the steps for more use of private services in public institutions. On the contrary I think National are doing much.It doesn't help that National gets into government again and has to deal with a recession.

National also needs to take actions on things such as climate change. I know that grates certain people but in being a member of the international community sometimes you have to take action. It may not always be desirable and its a bit sickening to see how much traction environmentalists get but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

I also don't like the implications that this is Act Vs National. When its Act working with the National and working with United Future and the Maori Party to make changes to New Zealand and improve New Zealand's place in the world.It is a relationship. Something neither Act or National should forget. Yes we can have differences but unless we work together to combat the left that in all likelihood will include the Greens having ever more presence then we're doomed to see a New Zealand that is even worse off than today.

Anonymous said...

When you have an opposition that is screaming about how horrible far-right policies are you have to walk carefully and choose your battles.
and they could have smashed through changed to the EFA (banning union and greenpeace support for parties), ERA (back tp reality I. Employment, banning union contracts), electoral act (5 year term, taxpayer franchise) not tp mention the anti-corruption enquiry to wipe out Labour and their Union mates.

Instead we have jobs for Hellen and Cullen, a cycleway, and "softening the recession".

dad4justice said...

Politicians are vile parasitic scum of the earth cretins who foolishly think they are special. No wonder nobody trusts the filthy pricks. The cycle way just shows how fucked in the head the wimps are.

Redbaiter said...

The bottom line unfortunately is that National are a bunch of spineless gutless traitors, and they are that way because Lou, you have allowed them to be.

In the States, Republican politicians who have betrayed Conservative principles and the constitutional style of government are coming under increasing pressure at public meetings and rallies to change their ways.

American Conservatives are speaking out.

NZ Conservatives are weak gutless pussies, and they have no damn right to complain because in their pathetic subservience to leftist cultural forces, and their failure to confront the traitors who posture as their parliamentary representatives, they get exactly what they deserve.

dad4justice said...

Conservatives must fight against the pc jellyfish that bludge from the socialist government tit. Time for sane thinking people to take the gloves off and start playing the man not the bullshit ball of bent politics! New Zealand is a fucking disgrace and twisted scum in the Beehive are to blame!

Heine said...

I don't care if John Key is playing the game well. He and the National Party are not doing ANYTHING to progress the so called "neoliberal" agenda.

When they look back at all the good National did there will be much searching and discussing to figure out what exactly they did compared to the first 3 years of Labour. National have the greatest opportunity now - they have a majority with ACT. What happens when or if they have to count on another party next time? Nothing realistic will be achieved and Key would have blown his chance to make a difference.

I am not happy, we waited 9 fucking years to get rid of them and now we're stuck with the same policies and a different face. The Nats did this to us in the 90's as well.. when will they ever learn? When will YOU ever learn?

Lou Taylor said...

Exactly Clint

Rome may be burning a little slower but Nero is still fiddling.

Lindsay said...

Last week John Key called my proposal (in Maori and Welfare) to replace the DPB with temporary assistance as "draconian". What hope?

KG said...

"I am not happy, we waited 9 fucking years to get rid of them and now we're stuck with the same policies and a different face. The Nats did this to us in the 90's as well.. when will they ever learn? When will YOU ever learn?"

Exactly. This gradualism, don't-scare-the-horses bullshit is just code for 'business as usual'.
The gradual approach will not work because for every tiny step forward, entrenched welfare advocates and socialist assholes take us two steps back. (the current campaign being run by the NZ Herald for a 'yes' vote in the anti-smacking referendum is a perfect case in point).
National have essentially done two things--they rode in on voter boredom and disenchantment with the old gang and they've since carefully maintained the status quo.
That's about it.
They've left all the impediments to real progress and prosperity in place and voluntarily given shit-stirring separatists and leeches more power and more respectability.
Key may have had some influence on maintaining NZ's credit rating and that's all well and good--but we could have reaped far greater benefits and fixed long-term problems by controlling welfare and government expenditure.
But then, the long-term fix never did appeal to the three-year mentality....
Take your cycleway and shove it up your ass, JK and give us liberty and relief from welfare bludgers and bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

This gradualism, don't-scare-the-horses bullshit

is an excellent way to get "elected".
But the first order of business should have been to declare a huge economic crisis, push the election out to 5 years at least, run a hard anti-Labour inquiry and get the party deregistered, and stopped most of the "welfare" poisoning NZ - and then get to work on the ERA (all employment at will); EFA (no labour or union funding); Electoral Act (taxpayer franchise); armed police etc.

Like I said: there is no debate about what needs to be done - only the courage to do it!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaaaah - I can see the only answer which will satisfy the fundamentalist right is a military coup.

Heine said...

Adolf - who or what is this "fundamentalist right" you speak of?

I remember very clearly you stating that National would show their true, freedom loving, low tax colours soon after the election.

I'm still waiting.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Enjoy the wait Heine. You'll be dead before you see the sort of programme you and your mates seem to be looking for.

We currently have the lowest taxes possible, considering the current fiscal legacy from Labour. Would you care to predict what they would have been by now if Clark had won the day back in November?

Seriously - are you people really so bloody stupid?