Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Mess With This Mama

Update 1340: Labour shoots itself in the foot yet again trying to imply that Paula Bennett has breached the silly bitches' privacy. Here is the advice tendered to the Minister by the Privacy Commissioner:-

8. In making allegations against a Department, an individual has released considerable personal detail to the news media. The Minister wishes to respond to the allegations using those details, but wants to add some further detail in order to answer specific allegations.

By releasing a large amount of personal information to the media, the individual is taking the risk that unfavourable publicity could result. If the Minister releases only information which is relevant to the issues raised by the individual, that person may not be able to claim that any particular harm was caused by the Minister's disclosure rather than by the individual's own disclosure. If the individual is not harmed, there would not be an interference with the individual's privacy under section 66 of the Privacy Act.

Warning to beneficiaries "Speaking to Labour Party people is a wealth hazard."

Update 1500:
Squeaky little Charles Chauvelle is banging away in parliament's question time trying to imply that some of one of the aforementioned silly bitch's $50k plus income might have come from child support. They just don't get it, these Labour idiots.

It DOESN'T MATTER where the money comes from. People on Fifty Grand should not have their hands out looking for more welfare hand outs.

Update 1220:
Labour is moaning to Radio Left Wing that Paula Bennett has 'set a new standard' by releasing individuals' information. They're damned right she has. New standards of transparency and accountability which Helen Clark promised ten years ago and never delivered.

Goff's motto appears to be 'Another week, another SNAFU.'

Labour Party strategists are like headless chooks this morning, trying to figure out how to tend their wounded and where to bury the dead after Paula Bennett smashed their latest foolish attempt at 'doing opposition.'


The two silly bitches on DPB who allowed themselves to be used as misguided missiles by Labour have been shot down and exposed for what they are. Liars. They failed to tell all the truth. How very Labour.

In fact, one of them is receiving more than the country's average weekly earnings by way of a raft of benefits. If, as the Herald reports, her benefit is net of tax then she's on over fifty grand. In addition, she also received nearly ten grand (tax`free) as a grant to set up a business which was folded within a year due to 'illness.' (The Minister should probe some more and release this so called business's statement of financial performance.)

The Department is issuing health warnings to beneficiaries with next week's dole payments.

"Talking to Labour is dangerous for your health and may cause long term damage to your lifestyle."

What a wonderful one liner from Paula Bennett.

The minister said she did not intend a "blanket" practice of releasing private information on all those who spoke out.

However, she would do so again if people misrepresented their situation or "put themselves out there with their 'full story' but put a full stop where it suits them".

Labour's winter of malcontent now reads as follows:

1.....Muffed honey trap attack on John Key via Richard Worth

2.....Bungled Kiwi battler attack on John Key

3.....Excruciating embarrassment at Question Time, day after day

4.....Slumping opinion poll ratings

5.....Botched attempt to embarrass Paula Bennett.

It going to get a hell of a lot colder before spring comes along, Phil.


singularian said...

Ka Ching

Its like candy off a baby aint it?

Surely HI,H2 and mickey didn't hold this leaky bucket together by themselves did they?

Were these Labour stalwarts as bigger idiots back then as now?

Slip sliding away
Slip sliding awaaaay

muz said...

Of course best of all for this socialist pawn she can stay in bed while it all comes to her and the current boyfriend/ childrens uncle can stay there with her

KG said...

Yup, Muz it gives me a warm glow of satisfaction when I'm dealing with some stinking, aggressive drunk at 3am or hosing off a trolley covered in blood and shit to know I'm doing it so I can support the likes of her...*spit*
When's the last time one of these whining benefit receptacles said "thank you" to the people who feed and clothe them?


I am appauled that such generous benefits are being paid.
How can Liarbour support such rampant cossetting of the nation's numbskill teenage mums when it is supposedly the working poor that will be funding their sleeping around?
Think how much better the working poor might be if there weren't so many single mums to support via the tax system.
The government should announce that from December 31 2009 that no more DPB will be paid after that.
Abortion will be freely available to those who get pregnant.
Legal aid will be available to support civil suits against the fathers to get the child support.
I am sure this would nip the problem in the bud quite rapidly.
Facing an end to welfare will help ensure the women keep their legs crossed, and for the guys to keep their willies in their pants.

We hear on other blogs that state super is unsustainable at current rates.
If the deserving cannot get welfare, then why should the undeserving!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Comments in the Herald arre30 to 1 in favour of Paula Bennett.

Another major Labour Party own goal. They'll be lucky if they manage 25% in the next Roy Morgan poll.

mawm said...

Adolf - The only voters labour will get are those who want others to fund their lifestyles.

FF - forget the folate in bread, we need birth control hormones in the alcohol.

kg - we have to pander to the new to DPB sluts all the time. Sometimes I struggle to stop myself from making a comment that could get me into sh*t.

Psycho Milt said...

I decided commenting on this idiot's gift to future Labour govt's wasn't making it obvious enough, so posted it instead.

KG said...

You decided your idiot comment wouldn't have a high enough profile here PM? Way to go--making very public what a lot of us already know. Socialism rots the brain.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess those higher brain functions you guys have access to, the ones that tell you a comment in a comments thread is as obvious as a post on the front page, are inaccessible to me. Somehow I'm not disappointed...