Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Benefit Fraud

When you put yourself out into the public limelight and attack the government of the day for withdrawing a benefit, you really really have to be squeaky clean or the result inevitably is disaster.

Our two momentarily famous ladies in waiting are heading that way, very quickly. DISASTER with a double D. They may soon be joining Mr Goff here.

A quick perusal of their Trademe chatter indicates the strong likelihood that (a) at least one of them has been receiving the DPB while her bloke was living with her and keeping his income separate and (b) the so called business was a sham and the $10k grant was spent initially to buy a car which was sign written for a cleaning business and then crashed, with the remainder of the grant being used to buy another car for the family, by which time the silly bitch was pregnant again and so the business was closed.

Adolf sincerely trusts the Minister has advised the CEO of WINZ to ensure these two cases are referred to their fraud unit for rigorous investigation.

Warning to Beneficiaries:

"Talking to Labour Party people is a wealth hazard.



It is amazing that people can be so dumb to reveal all in public forum loke trade me, Bebo and the various chatrooms.
They should know that internet savvy people can trawl foir such incriminating data.
It certainly looks like they have blown what case they might have had over privacy.
But as I have commented on my blog, is the strange case of a political party that used to battle for the poor now fights for the well-to-do.
This means the beneficieries getting more than the average wage, as well as property investors or speculators.
Goff obviously has a new policy up his sleeve.
Not Working For Families, but rather Working for the Wealthy.
As stated before, Liarbour is not the workers party anymore, but rather the shirkers party!

Kevin said...

Anyone surprised at this latest turn of events with these wimmen? It's all about a well-honed sense of 'entitlement' aka gimmee.

Lucy said...

Had to admit I had to wonder about the article in the Te Awamutu paper (23 March 2007) saying she was a solo parent.

Must have had 2 children in 2007 if the youngest is 17months. (March 2007 - July 2009 =28 months) unless she was pregnant for 11+ months?

So was she still with her husband?

Anonymous said...

I see her trademe account (and all her comments on those threads) have been 'disabled'. I wonder why? Wonder if she'll be looking for an allowance for trademe diability now?

WAKE UP said...

""Talking to Labour Party people is a wealth hazard"

...good one, Adolf :)

Anonymous said...

Many of Natasha's comments have been saved here


I have just branded Fuller the Trougher of Trade Me.

Now, since she calls herself the Happy Hocker, I can only wonder what she might be trading or selling.

Might it be of interest to WINZ and the IRD?

Oswald Bastable said...

It's worth remembering what happened when the baleful eye of the State fell upon Tim Selwyn...

Anonymous said...

FUCK why do i start at 5.30 am
fuck does any one want to produce 3 sprogs from either of us (my wife is testy) but the STATE provides. lets do it folks it cheap and FREE, MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THE CHICKS ARE FREAKS


Pop over to Big News for the latest.
Though I have an interpretation at my place and Barnsley's.
I can only wonder what Whale Oil and Kiwiblog will reveal today.
Indeed, Dave is to be commended for his shining efforts as well.
Certainly Liarbour has found yet another great poster girl.