Monday, July 27, 2009

Bastard Banks and Bill's Windfall

Adolf missed an excellent piece by Bernard Hickey yesterday. Adolf agrees with him entirely.

The big four banks have been caught out indulging in institutionalised theft on a grand scale and the High Court has turned down their appeal.

It now remains to be seen whether they will take a further appeal to the Supreme Court. Adolf hopes they do and he hopes they cop the bleating judicial activist Sian Elias in one of her particularity 'socialist do-gooder' moods. Another failed appeal will add a few hundred million more to the final account by way of use of money interest and late payment penalties.

Adolf loves to pay tax. If you are paying tax you are making money. Sure sometimes he's been a bit late when cash flow was tight but the taxes still got paid, eventually.

The most disgusting person I have ever met was the 'born again' happy clappy Christian who had set his business up within a trading trust in order that he could show himself as having no income, so as to qualify for the DPB (His wife was as made as a snake and had beaten him up before returning to the whanau up North.) This fraudster had the nerve to admonish me to 'keep my faith strong.'

The banks' engagement in fraudulent sham transactions over an extended period provides John Key and Bill English with a huge opportunity to cash in politically and cut what legs remain from under Labour.

Bill English should announce today that when the banks shape up and hand over their three billion smakeroos, he will put half of it into the Cullen Fund.

Should be worth about three basis points on the Roy Morgan scale, I reckon.


Sushi Goblin said...

"he will put half of it into the Cullen Fund"

Adolf, that is a sensationally good idea.

I wonder though, have the government (Labour and National) already provisioned for this debt already in the books, that is, has this money been earmarked for spending down the line already?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well of course it is. I'm a sensationally clever chap. Just ask Danyl, he'll tell you.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense Adolf. The BNZ were acting within the law (the Court foudn that) and the IRD approved the transactions of some of the Banks.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So is that why their appeal was turned down? Because they acted within the law? Please show me the written 'binding ruling' covering those transactions.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, see cactus kate's entry on this. The commentary by Casey Plunkett and keating were what I was referring to.