Friday, July 24, 2009

AL Gore, The Crocodile Dundee of Conflicted Interest

If you thought Henry van der Hayden sitting on the board of NZX was a conflict of interest, you ain't seen nuthin!

is a conflict of interest.

Al (we've got to sell global warming before the world freezes over) Gore chairs the funds management company which rakes in billions of dollars worth of fees managing so called sustainable investments for the world's wealthy tree huggers and at the same time travels the world burning jet fuel like there's no tomorrow, promoting the very global warming that raises the price of the shares his funds management company is flogging.

One day history will record this fellow as the biggest bullshit artist since Moses, who some 3,300 years ago, conned the Gypos into giving their whole industrial energy source away. (They let their slaves all go. Remember? Suddenly there was nobody to heave rocks around to build pyramids.)

hattip: Gooner


Anonymous said...

The same applied to Dick Cheney and bird flu. He was a huge shareholder and on the board of Pfizer or whoever it was who developed the Tamiflu vaccine. When he sold his shares a few years ago the Bird Flu Armageddon suddenly abated.

Of course the Tamiflu vacc. rort has had a new lease of life with Swine Flu.

That's politicians for you. I would suggest those from both left and right are in on this global warming money-making.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ruth, you are deluded. There is a huge difference between serving on the board of a giant publicly listed pharmaceutical company and chairing a fund manager for your own pet religious organisation.


Adolf is right in raising this conflict of interest.
It is a well covered story usually ignored by the MSM.
Real Clear Polics has it here
Newsbusters covered this as long as 2007
The capital research centre covers the issue too
Even Wikipedia is on the case too

The blogs have other juicy titbits to reveal that the MSM chooses not to report.
Here's a story that says the US government has spent $79 billion US on climate change investigations over the past 20 years.

Andrew Bolt has more here
It comes as the temperatures are dropping too, and any rise is now likely from ocean currents not co2 levels.

The whole scandal of climate change theory and those promoting it is indeed one of the biggest rip-offs of our age.

Heine said...

I thought this was already well known. Gore has been running this sham for ages - and all the "publicity" for his little company, Live Earth, his fiction movie, the nobel prize must be worth billions for his business empire.

WAKE UP said...

No matter what he does, Al Gore remains, in essence, A Big Fat Loser.

Sally said...

So why is big business also singing the same tune?

Why wouldn't they?

They know that any emissions programme will be more of a burden to small businesses and consumers than it will be on them.

They've nothing to lose, while claiming to have 'green' credentials.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sally, 'big business' as you put it is not actually singing the same tune. Do try and focus on the actual conflict of interest which is the essence of this post.

Anonymous said...

Wake up

With Al Gore raking in the millions like this, i would call him a big fat winner :0
I always thought it was funny to see that his house was less energy efficient than the obne Dubya Bush had.

Oh and I bet Gore has a massive carbon footprint from all his jetsetting tours.

But yes, the conflict of interest, which he exploits to rake in the millions is astounding.

WAKE UP said...

Nah, Anonymous, Al's a loser: he wanted to be God, and has had to settle for not even being able to win a Presidency that was handed to him on a plate. Eveything he's done since reeks of revenge as the motive - let him have the money, it won't help him.

And remember, nobody ever went broke underestimating the public:)

Anonymous said...

Why is the dairy Czar leaving???

Is it because in the near future Fonterra will be listed in some form or other ??
Lets face it - they really, really need money - and farmers havent got it so it ff to the NZX I think..

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are deluded. There is a huge difference between serving on the board of a giant publicly listed pharmaceutical company and chairing a fund manager for your own pet religious organisation


There is no initiation of force either way.

It may seem odious to you, but if Gore and Cheney can make money on public panic then good on them.

That is capitalism Adolf. In fact I think I will make money on my 'green ventures' investment.