Saturday, June 20, 2009

YES, NO or Cul de Sac

John Key (and Phil Goff) aren't going to participate in the anti smacking CIR.
That's fine but they should realise that having a foot in both the YES and NO camps maybe good politics, but it sure isn't a great reflection on them as people.
To keep all people happy all the time is a complete folly.
If our politicians choose to ignore the voice of the people, outside of election years, then we live in a pretty sick democracy. The result may be non binding, but that is not the point for now.
Leadership is a two way street.
We want to know that our leaders are listening and that we can judge them on their opinions.
The point is to vote YES or NO. Not to park up a cul de sac.
The other point.
If people find the question difficult to understand, maybe a couple of old fashioned commas would have helped.
Should a smack, as part of good parental correction, be a criminal offence in New Zealand?


Anonymous said...

You're still asking a negative:

just ask should smacking be legal

then it makes sense for Boscowen to answer "yes!"

And since Key has lots his ball - perhaps its time for another referendum:

should unionism, labourism and communism be legal in New Zealand?

Anonymous said...

Define "a smack", cos i know people who have very different ideas about what that might be.

JC said...

For some people, the juxtaposition of "good" and "smacking" in one sentence is too much.

No parent can be "good" if he/she smacks. In fact, thats how the law is framed, ie its a criminal activity.


ZenTiger said...

Exactly JC. And this is why the question must be asked.

Anonymous said...

I don't even get to the "good parental" part because no-one has given me a definition of "a smack" yet. The referendum is important, but its a complicated question with too many unknowns as it stands.

ZenTiger said...

If you are stuck for an answer, ask yer mum.

Anonymous said...

Classy. Mum doesn't say much these days, but thanks for bringing the dead into it.

KG said...

"Classy. Mum doesn't say much these days, but thanks for bringing the dead into it."

You naughty boy Zen--you're supposed to know that an anonymous commenter's mum has fallen off the perch.

crab said...
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Psycho Milt said...

Zen: ...ask yer mum.

Anonymous coward: Classy. Mum doesn't say much these days, but thanks for bringing the dead into it.

Did she die when you were born, or what? Not know her then, did you? My money's on you knowing damned well what she would have called a smack - mine's still living but I don't need to ask her because as it happens, I got to know her reasonably well over all those years she spent raising me, not to mention occasionally giving me one of these mysterious, indefinable "smacks."

kino_flo said...

Listen dickhead, I know what a smack is my world. But I was simply asking for a definition because, as I said a bit earlier, I know people who have very different ideas of what a smack is. I want to know what I'm voting for.Now, bringing my Mum into it was a nice touch, but neither she nor Dad ever smacked me. We don't smack our boy either.

I have seen other people smack their kids, and it has always been an awful thing. It has always been when the adult has lost control, and has whacked their kid to shut them up. I've seen kids smacked on the bum so hard that they are literally lifted off the ground by the impact. Is this what i would be voting to re-estblish?