Sunday, June 21, 2009

Will Key and National be drowned by the 'noise'?

A couple of interesting columns from Bill Ralston and Matt McCarten in the Herald on Sunday.
First, McCarten produces a comprehensive round-up on why National performed so badly in the Mt Albert by-election.
Second, Bill Ralston looks at how a unified Liarbour Party is chipping away at National.
Indeed, both seem rather spot on.
National was a shambles during the campaign and its performance in government has not been as good as we might hope.
With the smacking vote coming so soon after the cancelled taxcuts, Key and National are pissing off their own side too!
I can only argue that the party does need to look at its campaign strategies and its campaigning team.
Did National win the election because of its campaign or despite it?
But just because it won the November war, it must now win the peace.
Of course, the polls, as Roy Morgan showed, National is still well ahead, so maybe the public don't care much about the distractions we have seen like Mt Albert, Richard Worth, etc, etc.
However, Bill Ralston is right to warn about 'noise.'
National does not want to lose perceptions of competence and capability. Percetions always count more than relaity in politics.
Such noise and perceptions would well distract from National's messages on the economy, etc, just has Liarbour suffered from various perceptions like nannying.
Indeed, I guess the government won't welcome the noise from ACT MP David Garrett today who is in trouble for lewd conduct.
At least Rodney Hide has shown strong and sound leadership over the matter, nipping the problem in the bud.
If only we could see such behaviour from John Key, we supporters of the government would feel so much better.


Redbaiter said...

"First, McCarten Second,- Bill Ralston"

C'mon Fairfacts, I'm suprised you still read those fuckwits and their partisan bullshit.

baxter said...

The assessments are pretty accurate.I haven't got a clue who the National Party president is, the last one I could name was Michelle BOAG.(wasn't she one)yet I can name the current Liabour one and his predecessor...In retrospect I think as soon as the motorway decision was announced all support for National in that electorate did as well, and Mellisa Lee's comment about South Auckland criminals being less prone to visit Mt Albert will prove prophetic.

WAKE UP said...

Labour has held Mt Albert, and is welcome to it - the fact that Helen was their MP for so long speaks volumes about that particular electorate - this is a LOCAL phenomenon.

Nationwide, National's approval rating remains both steady and sturdy - or haven't you noticed? You journos should really stop interviewing your typewriters and reading each other's stuff, the truth is elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

ACT MP David Garrett today who is in trouble for lewd conduct.

What the FUCK?? Running another PC-LABOUR campaign against a government MP.

Worth was bad enough: why on earth nominister and whale and all the rest want to help Goff get rid of good Government MPs is beyond the pale.

PCism = Labourism. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The assessments are pretty accurate

Oh utter crap - it's just more MSM leftism.

You journos should really stop interviewing your typewriters and reading each other's stuff, the truth is elsewhere.


Why all this beat-up about National and nothing at all about Labour's rorting of taxpayers and illegal and morally corrupt actions in this campaign

Sally said...

I don't have to read the papers to believe that those who voted National in are feeling very much short changed with the Prime Minister's Manoeuvres!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Kevin "rorter" Rudd is being thrown out of Parliament for misleading the house.