Friday, June 12, 2009

Well Fakmi Ded

The Herald solidifies its anti NACTional credentials with a bullshit piece from an independent expert who bemoans the loss of GDP brought about by the creation of the supercity.

".........annual GDP across the region will fall by up to $605 million, Labour says."

Bullshit. What it means is we'll have $605 million dollars more to spend on things which we want and need because that's how much our rates bill will reduce.

SO, who is this so-called expert?

Rhema Vaithianathan. Photo / Glenn Jeffrey

She's a lecturer at Auckland University, no less. Not a senior lecturer or a professor or a head of department. Just a lecturer. She appears to be a Three Wankan which is not far removed from being an Indian. Adolf would have thought The Herald might have learnt from the last two weeks that it is dangerous to take the word of people from that part of the world.

Especially when they are Labour Party activists like this one is. Not only that, she was an unsuccessful Labour candidate for the current Mt Albert By-election!!!!

You'd almost think The Herald was trying to hide something, would you not?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha

classic herald stuff up

Anonymous said...

I wss reading the story on Red Alert and then went to the Herald and there it was again almost word for word.
At least Phil Tyford added at the end that she was a party activist.

Dave said...

Yes, this is the person who wrote an article on the Economics of Female Genital Cutting, which has got to be good for social and economic policy.

WAKE UP said...

"Yes, this is the person who wrote an article on the Economics of Female Genital Cutting"

I checked that out (thanks - I think). Unbelievable. What are people like this even doing in New Zealand, let alone lecturing at a University and getting involved in politics!?