Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegetarianism and celebrities make you fat!!

Yes, it's all the fault of this wanton hussy Dawn French.
The Vicar of Dibley is turning us all into fatties!
Well, actually, the papers did not mention her but rather tv presenter Eamon Holmes and comedy star James Corden.
Apparantly, their fatness makes obesity seem normal, and thus ok.
I thought of Dawn as well surely she is are far, far bigger celebrity in more ways than one.
But nagging aside, don't some of these celebrities look better with a bit of meat on.
Isn't a guy or a gal better with something to cuddle than being some anaemic waif.
Well, if you want to bulk up, remember to avoid eating meat, as that is bad for the planet!
Instead, eat some lettuce but be warned, vegetarianism can make you fat!
So when I get home, I can only hope for a nice bit of meat, even if it does cost much more over here!
And buttons to what the greenies think!


Anonymous said...

I just big ladies like Dawn I will have to take a tablet and have a ly down now


WAKE UP said...

Nah, guys, I like 'em slim.