Thursday, June 25, 2009

Turning ortholdoxy on its head over immigration

Fancy one of these?
Well, despite the global downturn they are being given away in record numbers!
At the same rate, the number receiving passports – and with them the right to full benefits – this year is predicted to reach 220,000, smashing the record total of 164,540 set in 2007.
Thankfully, we have another reason other than opening the floodgates to immigration.
The increase has been attributed to a rush of applications ahead of tougher rules that would extend the average waiting time for a citizenship from the present five to eight years.
But it does seem bizarre to be letting more in when there are fewer jobs for them.
Indeed, entry, legal or otherwise, still seems to be rising.
But it is not about jobs as the Mayor of Calais explains.
There, the numbers trying to gain entry to Britain has tripled in 5 years with a shanty town of refugees just trying to cross into Britiain. Indeed, so high are the numbers that Calais police are on riot alert.
And this following Gordon Brown recently talking about 'British Jobs for British Workers.'
When governments globally, like ours for example, has announced some restrictions on the work permit front, it does seem odd that the Brown government is letting in more immigrants when Britiain can least afford them.
No wonder the BNP now has seats in the European Parliament.
But to our Kiwi and Australian readers, if you might be eligible for a UK passport, do go and get one while you can!


Anonymous said...

It always both amuses and annoys me when I queue in the Aliens queue at Heathrow and am questioned by a (cough) non white English person about my reasons to visit the UK.

My grandfather served in the Boer War and WW1 in the British army and my father served in WW2 in the NZ army. My grandparents were English.
So WTF cant I be admited to the country in a civilised manner and greeted with something more than suspcicion of being a terrorists

Pommie MPs suck.


WAKE UP said...

Immigration is the most corrupt mess of all government activities (and that's saying something), and EVERYONE directly involved is in total denial about it.