Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tiananmen 2: Let the killings commence!!!

The big story of the day is obviously Iran and Fox News has it live.
Iranian troops are amassing with analysts talking of a new Tiananmen-style massacre.

Already there are unconfirmed reports of 150 dead.
Charles Krauthammer said on Friday that the Iranian government has been considering one, and much depends on possible reaction from the West.
Politics professor Daniel Drezner says he fears the Mullahs will turn to mass murder to stay in power.
The One Who Must Not Be Mentioned on this blog has toughened up his words a little.
We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people. The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights.
Anyway, this is an unfolding story, with blogs like Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit especially offering comprehensive coverage.
In the meantime, TOWMBM has cut funding for democracy programmes in Iran, and above is a young man being shot by Iranian forces.

So now things are hotting up, how shouldwe in the West respond?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, Little Green Footballs


Redbaiter said...

George Bush, by establishing true democracy in Iraq, brought the smell of freedom to the Iranians.

KG said...

How should the West respond? By doing nothing.
We've expended much blood and money to try and bring democracy to places which have never known it and all we get as thanks is more abuse, more contempt.
Fuck 'em. Let them fix it themselves.

Falafulu Fisi said...

I agree with KG. The West shouldn't do anything at all. Let the totalitarian sympathizers such as China, Russia and others help the Iranians.

baxter said...

I've been watching Fox & twitter from time to time and saw a guy shot in cold blood...Haven't heard much on the radio, their newscast led with our head of Civil Liberties being most upset at the suggestion prisoners should have to work even if they didn't want to. Seems it would be in breach of all the UN conventions and declarations we have signed up to.

Redbaiter said...

Don't worry, Obama won't do anything to help the protestors. He and his elitist academic traitors invited Ahmedinajad to speak at Columbia University.

WAKE UP said...

Attaining democracy is an evolutionary process involving blood, toil, sweat, tears and sacrifice - we've had it for so long we've forgotten what it took to get it. It's hard to say this, but the Iranians have to do the same, with the modern difference that the whole world is watching.

As for what the West should do - the most encouraging thing we could do would be to impeach TOWMNBM and replace him with a real MAN.


TOWMNBM's actions have been shameful.
He has been appeasing the Mad Mullahs.
We should have had some leadership and strong words of condenation from him.
We should have had inspirational words about freedom.
Reagan and Dubya were not afraid and we have seen how the Mullahs have been blaming the US and even Britain anyway.
Even Dave Cameron as well as the Frogs have found some words of outrage to express.

But yes, the sooner TOWMNBM is locked up, the better.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Wake Up. Impeach Obama for what? Because you and Fearfacts hate him? Get a grip.

Judge Holden

WAKE UP said...

Ah, the Hanging Judge Holden has signed in...

No, Judge, not because I hate him , because I don't - I just think he's dangerously misguided; is disingenuous, with intentions not yet revealed; and most importantly, gives aid and comfort to our enemies - which has the potential to be traitorous, and thus an impeachable offence.

I think that prettty much covers it. Sleep tight, some of us are watching him more carefully than you are.