Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Terrorists find their paradise!!

Well, it's enough to make you sick.
The US government is sending various terrorists from Gitmo to some of the most beautiful places on Earth.
The Pacific paradise of Palau is taking a few and so is Bermuda!
Of course, some choosy buggers don't want to go to Palau.
Other suggested relocations for the former Gitmo inmates include Portugal and Italy.
Canada has said no, and the US is also reluctant, leading to problems for the US government.
Questions are being asked about where they will go and the Senate has rejected plans from TOWMNBM to close Guantanamo Bay.
Polls show Americans oppose closing the prison, with some feeling unsafe should the inmates be be jailed in their own states.
Indeed, if these suspected terrorists were as innocent as the Democratic administration believes, the Donks should welcome them with open arms. Perhaps they should stay in Washington DC, be neighbours with the First Family, the Pelosis and the like; give the liberals a change to put their money where their mouths are.
Anyway, I quite like the idea of living in such a tropical paradise, especially as I shiver through a cold New Zealand winter.
I think I will spend some time with the Taliban and learn how to blow up a bus!
Allah Akbar!
And I can only wonder if TOWMNBM will supply me with some virgins too!!!


Anonymous said...

Its an outrage.
Obama is a gay cocksucker of the mooselimbs.
He is the terrorist's friend.
He is an embarassment to the western world.
He sucks up to the muzzies, the pallies, chavez, etc, etc.
And now the socialist is setting about to control huge swathes of the US economy.
He gives the plum jobs to his mates and sacks those who dare investigate his supporters.
America was once a proud and fine state, thatwas an example to us all.
But he is bringing it down to its knees and we will all suffer for it.

The way America is dumping the teeorist filth like this just shows the bankruptness of his policies and his sucking up to the iranian regime, confirms the Obamination as the enemy of freedom and all of us.

mawm said...

This is a very sensitive response from one who claims his race has second class citizenship in its own land - lets dump the terrs, that we don't want, on poor simple Palau and we'll give them some money to appease our guilt.

WAKE UP said...

How long before those hapless countries become Muslim-infested? Place your bets now.

Anonymous said...

Obama posts allowed here again are they?

DenMT said...

"Obama is a gay cocksucker of the mooselimbs."

Why I've found better things to do with the ten minutes a day I used to give this blog.



The real issue is how best to deal with the scourge of terror and how best to deal with the problems of releasing those inmates from Gitmo.
There are obviously enough issues with how the American public feels about release of such people, especially if it involves placing their communities at risk.
Polls in the US show majorities against closing down Gitmo.
Now, the tremendous amounts of cash being paid to the governments of Palau and Bermuda show the bankruptness of a policy if it means the US government has to pay huge bribes to get rid of the problem it created.
Now, the Americans voted in a president who said he would close Gitmo. Now you would have thought the US public would accept this and the terrorists being let loose.
you might think that canada and those european countries might have taken some terrorists after being so lukewarm concerning the war in Iraq.
DenMT , this is not so much a post on TOWMNBM but rather how to deal with terrorists.
It certainly does seem bizarre bribing small states to take these people, and putting them on some of the most beautiful places on the planet.
This issue has had no coverage in new Zealand so i thought I would share it with you.
As for TOWMNBM, trouble is, it is hard not to refer to him when he is so central to everything.
And someone doing such controversial things that stir strong passions.
this is reflected in his latest poll ratings which have divided America and show a strong contrast between Democrat and Republican supporters.

Anonymous said...

"the bankruptness of a policy if it means the US government has to pay huge bribes to get rid of the problem it created."

Yep, bang on Fairy. That damn Bush.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

It would seem that how best to deal with the scourge of terror is not to randomly detain people, and use torture to get information.

As to how best to deal with the scourge of terror well I suggest that those that created the problem fix it, not expect people that had the principle to not be involved.

Send them to Texas!

Anonymous said...

how best to deal with the problems of releasing those inmates from Gitmo is where I mean send them to Texas. Or maybe wherever Tony Blair is these days.