Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The State of Britain

I'm at Bangkok, half way on my journey to the UK.

I dread to think what mess the economy will be in when I get there.

Will it be as bad as it was during the winter?

I am sure I will soon be back to digesting the gloom of the 6pm news, with a daily tally of joblosses.

Anyway, as a taster, the Financial Times has a feature with some nifty graphics highlighting the growth of the state and the bankruptness of Brown's Britain.

Have a play around and see how Liarbour really fucks up an economy!!
hat tip: Guido Fawkes


Anonymous said...

The UK economy was well and truly fuc*ed before Brown took over, but then again he took over from a Labour PM. If you want some real insight into the eorld economy go do some research on California's woes at the moment - the world's 4th largest economy. Soon California won't be able to pay the rubbish collectors.

Lucy said...

What is "Social Protection"?

Heine said...

Back again? The weather has been rather good lately.