Monday, June 15, 2009

More Media Mischief

And this time, it takes two of them to hold each others hands as they write their puerile and misleading crap. Here's the opening salvo.

"Up to 30 Justice Ministry staff are set to lose their jobs, just two months after more than $330,000 of taxpayer money was spent on two conferences at luxury hotels for the country's judges. "

A little later Adolf read the following:-

".......a three-day conference for district court judges and their partners at Rotorua's Millenium Hotel in March."

Well waddyaknow? Adolf stays at the Millenium Hotel in Rotorua when he is there on business. It is NOT a luxury hotel. It is a pretty ordinary four star hotel where comfortable but plain rooms are available for under $150 per night INCLUDING cooked breakfast for two. There is absolutely no other available suitable venue where a conference for 222 people could be held for the same cost.

Congratulations to the Justice Department for obtaining such good value for taxpayers' money.

Nathan Beaumont, Kerry Williamson and The DomPost need their arses kicked for trying to drum up a story reprising the equally flawed hoohaa about Christine Rankin and the Wairakei resort a few years ago.


alex Masterley said...

Saw that.
Came to same conclusion.
No doubt Macdoctor will comment on the story later as well.

Phil (not Goff) said...

Adolf stays at the Millenium Hotel in Rotorua when he is there on business... ...INCLUDING cooked breakfast for two.

What kind of 'business' are you in, and where do I sign up?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

PNG, I'm sorry but I don't get to munch my way through two breakfasts.

I'm mnot surre why you are so keen to sign up. If you stay at a backpackers (which I do in other places) you will pay around $75 for your own room and then face a bill of $20 for breakfast at a nearby cafe. So if The Cook is along on the trip we pay $150 at the Millenium or $115 at the backpackers.

Hardly the sinful extravagance painted by the dubious DomPost.


Indeed Adolf, there are many good deals around on the hotel front and backpackers do represent such pooor value for money.
Go to and the like and you can usually get 4 stars for around $99 a night.
The Auckland market seems to have suffered from a rash of apartment hotels, built as apartments but probably unlerttable in the current market, so they have become aparthotels instead.
I am told Blue chip put many of their properties down this rioute.