Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making the weather forecasts sexy, scary and political!

After freezing my tits off in the Winterless North, when despite its name, we were having one, I am now sweating in sultry Britain.
The country is enjoying a heatwave and rather welcome this fine news, it is greeted with horror.
And I don't mean the eco-fascists taking a few fine days as a sign of global warming!
No, it is the Nanny State rearing its ugly head.
Watching the BBC weather forecast last night, the presenter warned about the risk to elderly people, their need to drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the heat.
We were even given the phoneline number for NHS Direct for extra advice.
Today's papers also highlight the threat, noting such warnings, and adding that a couple of thousand died in Britain's last big heatwave in 2006.
And of course, there was that French heatwave even further back when tens of thousands allegedly died from the heat.
Talkback radio with Liz Green on BBC Radio Leeds also raised the new warnings.
The horror , the ecopolypse set to befall Britain is the prospect of temperatures topping 30c!!
Perhaps I am being suspicious, but am I alone in seeing some conspiratorial hidden agenda with this?
Well, such warnings do make the weather forecase seem more exciting and dramatic.
Telling someone they might need to stay indoors to stay alive is far more interesting than say 'rug up well' as TVNZ's Jim Hickey does.
I suspect it is all part of a hidden agenda to promote the cause of global warming/ climate change.
The UK Met Office recently unvieled its forecasts for 2080 to some glowing coverage, though there are reports that sceptism is on the increase.
But what better way to terrify a nation's populace into accepting the tax and regulations scams being promoted by big government than putting the fear of God into them should we ever have a rare hot summer's day and claim such taxes will help avoid death and destruction on a large scale!


Anonymous said...

Not that the excitable MSM need any encouragement to ramp up the weather news. LOL temps top 30 thousands die off heat stroke is their wet dream headline.

Pathetic arseholes in the pay of the pollies and big business both out to tax and price gouge


KG said...


WAKE UP said...

Give the Brits a break, FFM, they're not used to having a summer at all.