Sunday, June 21, 2009

MahareyFail. or Massey learnicating.

Massey, excellence.
If you are strugling to understand why this pic is here you should probably not visit again. Perhaps crayons and a few sheets of paper might be more your thing. Or maybe you could enrol in a course at Massey. Might I suggest English for morlocks.

Lack of posting lately is due mainly to the fact that my trusty old IBM thinkpad has been suffering with an overload of toast crumbs. After being on the critical list for a few weeks it finally succumbed this morning and I now have a hastily bought shiny new HP laptop


Psycho Milt said...

Now then, BB. Disk labels are done by IT types, and if there's one of those living who can spell "extramural" (or put spaces in the places they should be) I've yet to meet him. The only thing those buggers can spell right is code, and even there you get to proofread it for them by reporting the bugs.

Barnsley Bill said...

I have had this pic for three months. I have hesitated about posting it, but now we have met and I have realised that I am a few inches taller and around 25 kilos heavier than you I thought the time was right. :)

JC said...

But why Open Office?


Barnsley Bill said...

Socialist educators hate corporations.
They have not figured out that google is a corporation yet!

CB said...

As an IT type PM, all I can say is Fek (sic) You!

More that likely the label is done by the office bimbo.

Why Open Office? Because Microsoft licensing fees are crippling even for Govt departments.

Anonymous said...

Why Open Office? Because Microsoft licensing fees are crippling even for Govt departments.

All Microsoft products are either freely available (development products) or only a nominal cost to all students enrolled in all tertiary institutions in NZ.

So as BB said: it's because the state funding of education in NZ promotes communism - and this is just another aspect of that propaganda

Psycho Milt said...

Think you're pretty safe up there 300 miles away, don't you BB? Er... well spotted. Carry on.

Socialist educators hate corporations.

This is true, but Open Office isn't being promoted by socialist educators, it's being promoted by people responsible for university IT budgets - ie, people who are aware that they can't pass on the costs of MS Office to the customers, only to the taxpayers, whose current reps in Parliament are well twitchy about universities wasting taxpayers' money.

CB: yes it was a cheap shot, but on the other hand I've never hired an IT type who didn't need their emails proofreading.

All Microsoft products are either freely available (development products) or only a nominal cost to all students enrolled in all tertiary institutions in NZ.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tell you what Sinner, Massey's CIO job is being advertised right now - clearly, with your masterful knowledge of universities' IT situations you'd be a top applicant. Why not give it a go? After all, the Nats still don't seem to have called with that strategy job they should most definitely offer you...

CB said...

You are thinking of the private/personal user.

Ever thought about how many PCs exist in government departments?

Why don't you put in an OIA request for the governments Microsoft licensing fees for universities, schools, hospitals, Winz, IRD etc...

I don't expect you would get any change from $100 million hence the growing requirement for open source software and platforms.

Anonymous said...

How can Massey University put a copyright message on a disk of OpenOffice?

Falafulu Fisi said...

Er, Open Office's development has been funded largely by Sun Microsystem (Umm! not a corporation perhaps to the eyes of socialist educators which clearly they're blinded to that fact).

Dave Mann said...

Jesus Christ. Anybody who has the nerve to present such a poorly constructed and grammatically fucked piece of writing as your post has no business at all being critical of anything.

What kind of idiot comes up with "MahareyFail. or Massey Learnicating."? The invented word 'learnicating' is moderately clever - but there is no excuse for your total lack of any attempt at sentence construction.

How do you spell 'struggling'?

What happened to the question mark at the end of para 1?

Doesn't 'thinkpad' need a capital, seeing as it is a model name?

Suffering *with* an overload of toast crumbs? Really?

Where is the full stop at the end of this atrocious and generally sub-standard piece of writing?

Barnsley Bill said...

Go and get fucked you pompous twat.

Sinner said...

CB - no I'm talking all enrolled sutdents.

Which is what I said above - visual studio and dev tools are free, office for a nominal cost to academic staff abs students.

Dimebag Sharpe Bruv said...


How quaint, buts its not a real qualification, Management Information Systems indeed.

Good boy, keep up the good work, you'll get there.
Bless you

Psycho Milt said...

Perhaps the gentleman scholar incapable of spelling "correspondence" could fill us in on what the "real" qualifications are?

Barnsley Bill said...

I should mention at this point that i am not doing this course. A friend of mine is. When he had to complete his first assignment he mentioned to me that he was struggling to find the motivation to do it and decided that he would find a website that would complete the homework for him.
Cheat in other words.
He googled "homework help". Up popped a gabillion links and he chose one. Inserted his credit card number for what was essentially a site that offered to write your assignment for you. He then waited, and waited and waited. And then sent increasingly short tempered emails to the site asking for his money back. He got (and I swear this is gospel) increasingly ludiocrous excuses for the non appearance of the assignment. Illness, death of elderly relative and so on. He did not get the "dog ate my homework" excuse but I fear this would have happened if I had not staged an intervention.
I completed the assignment for him, "he" got 94%. I also got him to cancel his credit card after they debited his visa three times in two days.
I wrote the assignment without completing any study for this course.

Not sure why this thread has suddenly become one about dancing. For the record, I am a 43 year old white male. I never dance .. EVER.

Psycho Milt said...

You see, BB - your mate did learn some useful things after all. Tertiary ed is never wasted...

Mr Dennis said...

About OpenOffice, I use it myself and I'm certainly no communist!

MS Office is made by Microsoft, and works, but is expensive, supports a narrow range of formats, and only runs on Windows and Mac (with frustrating differences in formats between those two versions).

OpenOffice is made by Sun, works pretty much the same as MS Office (most users wouldn't notice the difference), is free, supports a wider range of formats, and runs on virtually any operating system.

So people are shifting to OpenOffice. That's the free market at work.

Barnsley Bill said...

More irony. Some readers will be aware that I had to replace my computer this week. My old version of office professional has disappeared. I am now using open office because I would rather buy whisky than a new copy of office.