Friday, June 19, 2009

Here's an idea for you Pita?

Pita Sharples is now backtracking on his idea for open access to university for Maori.

Obviously, there was too much opposition from the mainstream as well as the government for this nonsensical idea from the associate education minister.

How would any Maori feel who gained entry on merit to a suspicion they got in on grounds of their skin colour.

Do we really have to be so patronising with race based follishness to such a large section of our society even if such patronising comes from their own leaders.

There are also the implications on education standards to consider, the poverty of expectations, the soft bigory of it all, as has been noted in the USA and Britain, which far from helping supposed disadvantaged minorities actually hinders them.

However, Sharples did receive support from some on the right, and it does seem an interesting idea.

Why not have Sharples opening his own university, or some of the Maori iwi opening universities, perhaps with some of the Treaty Settlements money.

Let Mr Sharples put his or Maori money where his mouth is.

We have seen how innovative Maori were with the wanangas.

But he might want to consider this when it comes to entry standards and how well his ideas might actually serve the graduates.

If you want a lawyer, would you pick a maori one if you suspect that lawyer is of a lower standard than a white or Asian one.

Ditto with Maori doctors, dentists, accountants, etc, etc, etc.

People aren't usually too bothered about the skin colour of a professional, but more about their ability to do their job.

Thus, the lower standards promoted by Pita Sharples would end up backfiring on them all.

Is that really what he wants?

Hat tip: Not PC, Cline Heine, Conservative Home


erikter said...

Sharples is a living example of the very stupidity he proposes.

I'm convinced he got his degree without taking any examinations.

Anonymous said...

Down with follishness and bigory!

WAKE UP said...

Pita can't even spell Peter correctly :)

Heine said...

I am not sympathetic to Pita's statements but the idea that Maoris taxes could be channelled into their own education system isn't a bad one. Not promoting apartheid, moreso a voucher system. :) If we are promoting freedom to give our kids a better system then this is one option that could work.