Monday, June 22, 2009

Fall of Helengrad fuels immigration surge??

Well, here we are, at least six months after the fall of Helengrad and a new regime installed in the Beehive.

Now, might be a fairer time to assess the impact of the new government on immigration and emmigration.

Apparantly, fewer Kiwis are flying to Australia and Britain and more are coming here from such countries.

So, has this turnaround happened thanks to our new Dear Leader, firmly esconded in our new capital Johnnysberg, or are there other factors at play?

Are the other countries having an even worse recession than we are?

That was certainly the case when I was in Gordonistan at Christmas and I expect the same when I arrive there on Wednesday for a family wedding.

At least this time, I definately intend coming back, entertaining no thoughts at all of staying in Bankrupt Britain.

So blogging might be a little light from me here and at the Fairfacts Media Show for the next 4 weeks.

But back to immigration. Why the turnaround? Where are these immigrants coming from? And is it a good thing?

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Anonymous said...

Your Not PC link points to Kiwiblog. And it's Peter Creswell with a W, I beleive.