Thursday, June 18, 2009

Earth calling John and Phill.....

Here are a couple of quotes from the Herald which just couldn't be allowed to pass uncommented on:

John Key says:
"I do think the question is a bit ambiguous and could be read a number of different ways,"

and phil goff says:

"The question implies that if you vote `yes' that you're in favour of criminal sanctions being taken against reasonable parents - actually nobody believes that."

Well gentlemen, if that's your take on what is to me a fairly simple question, then I suggest you both go and see the the GG and hand in your resignations.

No not suggest, how about I DEMAND.

Because if you, who are responsible for creating legislation, find that question, misleading or ambiguous, or whatever, then you are obviously well below the intellectual level required to carry out your roles.

Also John says:

"There's only been the one now documented case and I'm satisfied that the law is working."

This statement is as misleading as any ever made by clark and whats more I think Key knows it.

The obvious retort is: "How many people have had the police on their doorstep, or been put through a CYFS investigation, or been left wondering whether they'll be charged and / or have their families split up, simply for doing what they believe is in the best interests of their families and could do so without fear of criminalisation before bradford's social engineering was legislated?

I'm sure there are more than a few but it'll take an OIA request to get the numbers. Might be worth a crack, but I bet I don't get an answer before the referendum



Budgieboy said...

Beautifully written!


Well said Grant and great to see you back after a long quiet spell.
But yes, it is strange that here we have a ballot that seems perfectly straighforward.
John Key needs to be aware that he owes a great debt to the people who voted for him.
The Bradford Bill helped prpel him and his party to power.
I can understand a need to appeal to the left to help win votes for power, but now he is in power, this is no longer necessary, especially when polls have shown huge majorities in favopur of allowing smacking.
John Key needs to realise that he needs to accept the needs of his voter base and he should stop crapping on his supporters like this.
Some may go to Liarbour, but I guess many will go to ACT.
Just what is Key playing at!!??

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's driving them - everyone except the marxists hates the new law; and feels threatened by it.

Politically it's a great opportunity - either John or Phil could become the champion for common sense.

In Phil's case, it would be enough to put Labour back into contention for the next election.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well - start with Boscowen.

Documented as saying he'd vote "yes".

the question is certainly confused, cowardly, and effectively a negative. Compare this one:

should smacking be lawful in NZ

none of the "good parental correction" crap. None of the "criminal offense" crap.
Where people have binding referenda, then the wording has to be precise enough to go into the law as is. But that's not the case in NZ, so there's really never been a good argument for the blatantly stupid wording of this question!

Some may go to Liarbour, but I guess many will go to ACT.

And that is precisely what he is playing at - and what is good for ACT, good for National, and good for the overall health of NZ!

In the medium term, Key is sticking to the Klarkist "Centre" - so abstaining on this is the centrist move. And if it lets ACT vaccum up another 5-10% of the Christian vote, that's a great move!

Anonymous said...

I'm so over John Key and National over this, he might as well be the Labour leader, so much for siding with the people, common sense and conservative values. My vote will go to Act next time, I am really annoyed, at the end of the day, you vote one lot out and get another watery socialist party. No wonder people don't bother to vote any more.

Sally said...

The National Party has abandoned “principle” in its policies; elected members are cowed into operating like a collective of yes-men when the Prime Minister mandates. (Is that why Boscowen said he would vote yes?)

Members shelved their individual consciences, ordered to do as they were told as happened with the Bradford / Clark anti-family, anti-smacking bill.

I wonder if this is the reason for Key's media beatup on the wording.

Really the Prime Minister has been very devious in trying to confuse the voting public.

He would have gained more respect if he told the media that he would not say which way he would be voting.

Anonymous said...

Key and his advisors better sit up and take notice of the annoyance of their voters. People everywhere consider they have been betrayed by the Nats. You could argue that the tax cuts were a non option but you cannot argue that with this subject. Families are being threatened by nosy parkers and the Gestapo at cyps. Oh they never go to court but they tear families apart, create fear for peoples families and leave the families with large legal bills.
This law needs changing and the sooner the better.
No change and National will lose more MP's.

KG said...

"Key and his advisors better sit up and take notice of the annoyance of their voters. People everywhere consider they have been betrayed by the Nats."

If the conversations I had with a lot of people at work last night are any guide, that's certainly true. There's a very pissed-off mood out there and it's growing.

Ackers said...

Everyone I've spoken to in NZ in the last couple of days is feeling deeply embarrassed that this has come back to haunt them. From conservative sisters to the usual lefty suspects.

I mean for fucks sakes if ever a country is going to be the laughing stock of the world this is going to do it.

Such a hot button issue.

I bet the Iranians are getting worked up about it!!!!

Heine said...

Yes, John and Phil may as well walk hand in hand if this is their stance on this.

My wife, who spent most of her life under communism said that even then the commies wouldn't contemplate banning smacking. It just wouldn't be done.

The Nats have really got to do something about the advice they are getting. This is becoming rather embarrassing.

Look at the private members bills coming out from ACT compared to National, except for the sensible one from Todd McClay. Good god.

Redbaiter said...

Both Labour and National are the enemies of the middle class, working only to advance an agenda that suits themselves and the groups of self serving civil servants and media elitists they are entralled by.

National especially have betrayed those who voted for them, and will continue to betray their supporters until those supporters express enough anger to make National politicians afraid for their snouts in trough positions.

Get angry people. For chrissakes- what will it take????

Psycho Milt said...

Such a hot button issue.

You bet it is. Lots of people have kids, Ackers - and they tend to find them a pretty important issue.

Grammar school girl said...

If they would just learn some grammar, and put in the question the two commas that are missing, the problem would be solved. Instead it would seem they are anti-commarists!