Thursday, June 25, 2009

The corrupt cosy cartel of buggins turn government

Now I am at my parents' in rural Yorkshire, I cannot access the internet, but here’s something that has been brewing in my mind for some months.
Barnsley has been thinking about it too, which is why I got the inspiration for this post.
What difference has National made to the country? Is the new government living up to its promises?
Certainly there has been much disappointment over John Key’s stance over the smacking bill and the cancelled taxcuts.
But by and large the government remains popular. And the country seems to plod on as before.
Now, as I have just arrived in Britain, a country engulfed by political scandals and troughery, what about our own corruption?
The corruption we heard so much about during the Helengrad years.
Remember the talk that we should have a Corruption Commission to investigate the activities of our former Liarbour government. Whale Oil, for example, was most vociferous about having one.
But now peace has broken out from National, even if Liarbour fights back with ‘honey traps’ and Mata Haris snaring old and randy goats.
In the meantime, we have Philip Field fighting for his life, but we hear relatively little on this, with the story tucked away in a quiet corner of the NZ Herald.
Granny is pushing on the MPs expenses issue but it appears to have forgotten about the other scandals of the Helengrad years. As for National, it is unusually quiet.
But hang on, those charges of corruption are unprecedented. It is the first time that we have had a sitting MP and government minister facing investigations and charges like this. Wasn’t he Associate Justice Minister too? Surely this adds to the seriousness of his situation?
For the first time, New Zealand has politicians behaving they would in some third World banana republic.
Yet, we shrug it off with little fuss. Did we get so used to scandal during the Helengrad years when its government had more ‘gates’ than the largest country station.
And what of Helen Clark herself. No re-opening into the way she stole Election 2005 with the pledgecard money. And then as she left office for the UN, Investigate uncovers how she bought her job with taxpayer dollars by ramping up the country’s contributions in election year, just in case she lost!
And what about Michael Cullen? Here’s a man who squandered the most benign economic conditions in a generation and showed his fiscal incompetence with the purchase of Kiwirail. Has he behaved honestly and ethically? Yet National buy him off with plum jobs at NZ Post and welcomes Uncle’s appointment to the UN.
Was government all about buggins turn? We have had nine years of Liarbour, now it’s time for nine years of National. National will scratch the backs of Liarbour grandees and give them a secure retirement and when Liarbour is in power again, it too will look after the departing National ministers.
What an incestuous duopolistic arrangement!! What a cosy cartel!!
But hang on? What about the corruption? The scandals, etc, etc. We forget the talk of Liarbour sleaze and all those gates, we forget our outrage at those scandals, we forget about our earlier demands for a Corruption Commission.
Instead, we just get on with government, you scratch our back and we will scratch yours. You keep quiet about our scandals and we will forget yours.
And so the genteel political and economic decline of New Zealand continues....


Anonymous said...

Maybe one day you'll figure out how the world works and then you'll stop sounding so bewildered Fairy.

Judge Holden

Sally said...

Numerous folk have called for New Zealand to establish our won "independent" commission against corruption.

The opportunity was there for National to support this but John Key has turned a blind eye to this call.

In MHO Key is worse than Clark as he obviously does not believe in his Party's vision and principles such as, Individual freedom and choice, Personal responsibility, competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement, Limited government.

Redbaiter said...

Good post Fairfacts. You're the backbone of No Minister.

..and I agree, its time we the people awoke to the fraud that is being perpetrated by those who posture as our servants whilst they work to enslave and disempower us.

Labour National- just one big conglomerate of anti-freedom pigs at the trough. Taking turns to line their pockets and hobble our freedoms.

And Sally is so right. Most despicable are the compromising cowards within National who constantly fail to articulate any argument or act in any manner that supports their professed principles.

Despicable Benedict Arnolds.

Lucy said...

I agree. I am so very very angry that the dirt and corruption that we had to endure during the Clark years has been condoned by this government. My vote from now on is for ACT.

Sus said...

Waste of time, Lucy. When push comes to shove, ACT hops right behind the Nats; such as supporting the English socialist budget, for example.

Very disappointing.

mawm said...

It is a tough line to walk - the victor being mean and nasty to the loser by taking legal action or the victor being magnanimous and letting bygones be bygones.

I certainly would like all corruption exposed and those guilty charged, but I suppose we have to move on.

Lucy said...

I disagree mawm. By not addressing the issue you are encouraging illegal and corrupt behaviour. And if those who make the laws do not have to abide by them or suffer the consequences. Then why the hell should we?

baxter said...

You list most of the shortcomings of the new National Government. I agree they are serious and seem against all the principles on which the party was founded. That said they are a far better alternative to what we had and so far there is no evidence of corruption against any member>.The allegation against Worth lacks credibility. I agree we do need an anti corruption authority.

Anonymous said...

Freedom fighters must continue to battle for the new regime to hold a Commission of Inquiry into the Labour Lead Government of 1999 to 2008 and in particular its Leader and Deputy Leaders Corruption and Acts of Treason against the Citizens.

Until JK mans up and does so he stands accused of colaboration with the enemy.


KG said...

"Until JK mans up and does so he stands accused of colaboration with the enemy"

yes indeed!

Ollo Chubb said...

More votes for ACT - good. I'm thinking they will clear 5% at the 2011 election the way things are going. Too bad about Mr. Garrett though. Oh behave!

Heine said...

Well if you don't vote ACT to give them the teeth then of course they have to be running a more moderate programme than what we'd like.

National has't done anything to reverse Labour policy. John doesn't have priority towards ending the smacking ban, ending WFF, lowering taxes, ending compulsory student membership...

But yet before the election we had Nats and people on this blog telling us it would be ok because Nationals true agenda would be revealed after the election win. I'm confused about who the real enemy is.

benjamin said...

John Key is the Obama of NZ. The media is so in love with him without asking tough question about his Labour-lite policies. The MSM may as well rent a room together with John Key because they're so fond of him. John Key is the Messiah.

WAKE UP said...

OLLO - I haven't the slightest doubt that whatever Garrett said, it would have been well within the usual male/female pub banter we all know and can handle if we are mature enough; his mistake was that he didn't realise that there are still some feminazis left over from the days of Helengrad. We should make them wear badges so we know when to cut and run.

Anonymous said...

I’d really like to read one of your posts but they are so incomprehensible it’s ridiculous. Have you heard of a paragraph? Hint: when you manage to write a few sentences of logical interrelated thought press the rather large button to the direct left of the numpad and it will group them into an argument for you. It’s like magic.

I thought you used to be a journo...

Ollo Chubb said...

Wakeup - you are right. Garrett will have to remember he's working with the bureaucrats now. Strange lot they are....

Anonymous said...

Is anyone building a tumbril ??

Or is it all talk as usual ?.