Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cooling Climate Demands Fresh Debate on ETS and Climate Change!!

Isn't it nice to have the log fire burning up, even up here in the so called Winterless North.

As we have reported on this blog many times, there is much cold weather about. It is almost like old times!

Yet, despite the growing evidence that climate change is changing back to what it was, our political masters are still pushing ahead with their tax and control scams.

Naturally, the pollies are all for it, as it gives them all something to do through extra regulation.

Indeed, no doubt we will see the new report from the ObamaMessiah on climate change touted as a case for action, even if it is riddled with holes. For example, there has always been storm damage, hurricanes, flooding, etc, etc, long before co2 might get the blame. Event-related deaths are falling too.

Indeed, as Australia debate its own ETS, the climate change minister cannot answer a few sceptical questions.

Bloggers like Micky's Muses regularly cover the scam of Global Warming. We also mustn't forget Andrew Bolt, Ian Wishart and Tim Blair.

Here's a fine and extensive piece from the American Daily, noting the climate does change but it is natural, not man-made as claimed..

Newsmax notes more evidence the Earth is cooling, pointing out flaws in Obama's new report.

The Canada Free Press notes scientists accusing the report of scaremongering.

Anyway, here's a website devoted to promoting a belief in climate cooling.

And that's before we get into debate about sun spots and the like.

Either way, while the climate may have warmed up in recent decades the trend does seem to have reversed in recent years. True, there will always be variations. I see the global warmongers are starting to claim the last few years as such a natural variation. But if we can have short term fluctuations, why not have them lasting decades or even centuries.

Why must we hamper our economies for a science that is increasingly unproven as people dig deeper. Just as the right maybe accused of vested interests, surely this applies to the left and the government-funded scientists.

New Zealand certainly needs the debate again before it shackles up its economy.

In the meantime, I am heading off to Kerikeri to buy some kindling for the fire.

Yes we are having climate change, a change back to what it was. And so much for the Winterless North!
Hat tip: Kiwiblog, Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair, Micky's Muses


CB said...

OMG - Fairfacts has discovered the paragraph :)

Anonymous said...

I find a lot of good articles here.

even mentions NZ at times.


Falafulu Fisi said...

Nick Smith is a tree-hugger and a global warmist. His portfolio should have been given to someone else, such as Rodney Hide.

Sally said...

With more and more evidence that 'climate change' is a natural event, the pressure must go on Key and his MP's to back off ETS.

But I am very much afraid that they will not change their minds


Yes, I cannot see Key having a rethink on the issue.
He's a right little lefty, as it were!