Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clash of the dinosaurs!!

Granny gave an interesting compare and contrast by featuring two old dinosaurs.
First was Winston Peters and while Cactus Kate wonders about the workings of his mind, it made me think how much we have missed him.
Isn't politics duller without this cantankerous old buffoon?
One it seems that is now turning to journalism, despite considering its practicioners among his greatest enemies, who helped bring about his downfall.
Life does have it's ironies!!
But back to politics being duller now, which brings me to Phill Goff.
He too is a dinosaur, just like Winnie!
My oh my what a grey little man the current leader of the opposition appears, which is why he won't be around for too long.
His comment about making himself more public just shows the desperation of the man.
No wonder Whale Oil comments that Michele Hewitson made Gaffe appear a plonker.
His comments also outed him as a liar too, Whale Oil points out.
As for me, the piece made Gaffe appear so lacklustre, he surely cannot be prime minister material.
Indeed, I feel the article was yet another nail in the coffin of the current Liabour leader.
After such a dull performance, I am increasingly convinced the party will turn to that international man of mystery, the dynamic and sexy champion of Mt Albert, David Shearer!
Hat tip: Kiwiblog, Cactus Kate, Whale Oil

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that, given you're a rightwing and ludicrously partisan hack, you should profess your adoration of and attraction to David Shearer.

Brave though.

Judge Holden