Friday, May 22, 2009

Who's Minding Melissa?

Now that Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff have been exposed yet again for the shameless muckrakers and liars they are (They haven't learned much from November 2008.) and the dust around Mellissa Lee has settled, someone needs to ask some hard questions of the National Party. Not the parliamentary wing of the party but the party organisation itself.

Are you serious about this Mt Albert by election?

Why did you hang an almost totally inexperienced candidate out to dry?

Is there no communication between ministers, party and candidates?

Who is the party president? Has your arse been kicked?

Have you made changes to ensure there are no more unnecessary stuff ups like the 'motorway' debacle?

Adolf is reminded of the Australian Labor Party's folly in mismanaging it's prime ministerial aspirant and loose cannon Mark Latham in 2004. He, like Melissa, was a bright young shining star, albeit unhinged. Like Mallard he would resort to fisticuffs when his limited mental faculties were stretched.

Mark Latham

Latham looked a shoe in to beat Little Johnny but during the last fortnight of the election he slipped away to Tasmania, shot his mouth off with some foolish statements about the forestry industry and lost Tasmania for Labor, thereby killing the ALP's chances of victory. Remarkably, the glowing Wikipedia account of his political life carries not one word about this memorable debacle.

Now to National's mismanagement of Melissa Lee.

Melissa Lee.

She is a high flying list MP with almost no experience campaigning for an electorate seat, yet she seems to have been left to her own devices.

She was allowed to appear at an important televised multiparty event without being briefed on the next day's motorway announcement. Worse, she was allowed to assume the whole damned thing would be above ground. Imagine the PR triumph for National if Melissa Lee had been allowed to let slip that National was going to put in a tunnel AND save a billion dollars. Mallard and Goff would have absolutely shit themselves. As a political issue in Mt Albert, the motorway from that moment would cease to have existed.

Adolf has been ferociously critical of Helen Clark but one thing is for sure. She never would have allowed her party machine to stuff up as National's has done here.

We are lucky our party has three weeks to recover from this near fatal mistake.


Anonymous said...

Adolf has been ferociously critical of Helen Clark but one thing is for sure. She never would have allowed her party machine to stuff up as National's has done here.

This comment has exactly the same content as "ferociously critical of Hitler but one thing is for sure. He built a great motorway system" or
"ferociously critical of Mussolini but one thing is for sure. He made the trains run on time".

Facism tends to do that. These "stuff-ups" as you call them are the natural result of the National party treating people as responsible individuals, not just numbered jobs in the machine.

We are lucky our party has three weeks to recover from this near fatal mistake.
Seen the latest tracking polls? just which "near fatal" mistake are you talking about. Lee is still polling just ahead in Mt Albert!

Frankly anyone buying Lee on iPredict will make a killing at the current price. (You did know the Labour Party Res. Unit has been buying up labour win, didn't you?)

Psycho Milt said...

Lee is still polling just ahead in Mt Albert!

Feel free to link to these surprising poll results. NB: polls existing only inside your own head can't be accessed by other people using web browsers.

Redbaiter said...

I'm sick of the left and their corrupt media acolytes stealing every election by means of smear campaigns, but I'm more damn sick of National's inability to develop a strategy to counter this plan. Even when it happens in every election.

Useless politically lost pricks. I don't know how anyone with a brain can support such a bunch of fucken incompetents.

Lee is a PC liberal, so I cannot support her, but you're quite correct in what you say about National, and I reckon its not just an isolated case of poor management. National are incompetent. The only advantage they have over Labour is a much higher degree of integrity.

However as the Libertarians say National do not have political principles. Its impossible to detect what they are working towards. In fact I do not think they are working towards anything. They have no dream, no plan, just some blurred socialist vision little different to that of Labour.

This shows up everywhere. In Lee's politically incoherent blathering. In her and National's poor management of the Mt Albert campaign. In National's overall approach to government. Their motto appears to be- "Socialism- we'll do it better".

Thats where they go wrong.

Labour have a clear vision, and they have a clear message, and they work consistently towards the target they can all see. More socialism. More fascism. More control. Bigger government. More taxes. That's what they work towards.

Yet National are too confused and fractured and mismanaged to mount a campaign that confronts those Labour party strategies. I think they are presently led by socialists and pocket lining image makers who seek to govern by means of public opinion, and they seek to manipulate that public opinion by means of the media.

A plan that has to fail in the long term because it is bereft of principle and because the media are left wing.

Key and his minders are heading for a fall, and the real problem is it can be changed so easily if they just get off their useless commie arses, stop being so intimidated by the liberal left media (and start confronting the commie bastards rather than cowering in abject fear), and start pushing a few basic Conservative ideas.

Trouble is, they don't damn well know what those ideas are.

An example- David Carter's knee jerk reaction (an inquiry) to the pigs story, really just a feeble beatup by a bunch of self serving media frauds and their political cronies was so gutless, so dumb and just so damn typical of a party without any ideas and without any fight and without any spirit.

Really, they're just so hopeless WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH THEY COULD BE DOING. Just pisses me right off. Incompetent bungling fuckwits.

Redbaiter said...

BTW, see the crypto leftists over at Not PC continue to support the socialist's and their media scum's strategy against Melissa Lee, and describe her as "beleaguered".

She is not beleaguered you propagandising dumbarses. Its a myth dreamed up by lowlife left wing media.

See the Stuff poll here for the reality.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck.

Lee (at least I presume it is her) lead the 10am radiosocialsm news broadcast with I don't expect to win: I hope to come second
All I can say is: I fucken hope Key makes damn clear she's bounced down to position #100 on the list!. Key he should just make her resign now, and ideally get Stephen Franks back in quick smart.

As it is: anyone not voting ACT should just be taken out and shot.

coge said...

When I've managed to pick my jaw off the floor, I keep saying "Who is handling this woman" Clearly a simple briefing with two or three simple positions to hold would seen Lee in much better shape, especially before the motorway & students meeting. Was she briefed & did not listen? Or are there no effectual handlers there? You would think National would know better having just won an election.
But still three weeks to go, & with proper advisors Lee can still romp home, if by default.

Buggerlugs said...

Michael Wall would never allowed this to happen on his watch. Key is surrounded by eeeny weeny peenies all keenie to make their mark. but they ain't doin' it.