Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where is Poneke on the sexist bigotry of the left!!!

Just over a year ago, lefty blogger Poneke feared a 'golden age of female leadership' would end with the Clark era.

The Clark years had seem many women in top positions of power, he noted, and he wondered what role models might exist for his daughters under a future male-dominated National government.

The post, caused quite a stir, and was well argued, even if I found his feminism so last century.

So here we are under a National-led government and how are its women faring?

Well, isn't it remarkable that National has appointed a tough woman like Christine Rankin and the left are having kittens.

Monkeys with Typewriters notes sexism in much of the recent controversies.

As for the feminists, I have yet to hear of a sprited defence from them of this tough woman, who is unafraid to put her mistakes behind her and move on.

What about the abuse heaped on Paula Bennett from the left?

Melissa Lee. Judith Collins too.

But we saw it before with lefty attacks on Jenny Shipley, Ruth Richardson and Margaret Thatcher.

The sisterhood and promoters of feminism never help their own kind, especially when such women turn up on the right wing.

The New Zealand media attacks Christine Rankin as much as its US equivalent slated Sarah Palin, and where are the feminists in all this? Sitting idly by while their leftist brothers and sisters wade in with the criticism.

So where is Poneke today? And his daughters?

I wonder how they feel when they see not an end to this supposed 'golden age' that their father talked about, but a continuance of it under new leadership.

I am sure they too will note the bigotry of the left, that women do have a place in leftist eyes, and that is kowtowing to leftist ideology, rather than thinking for themselves and discovering other opinions and ideologies.

And what a great betrayal of real feminism that truly is!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh you're confused. Hilariously so. What a mess of howling non-sequiturs and straw men. Do you actually read what you write?

Judge Holden

Psycho Milt said...

1. The fuss about Rankin was kicked off by Peter Dunne, who's about as 'left' as you are.

2. Don't you think your years of vitriolic personal abuse of Helen Clark and constant squawking about the 'sisterhood' kind of rules you out of shedding crocodile tears over these National women?

3. Your assumption that feminism should be simply an unthinking promotion of "your own kind" displays a fundamental failure to understand the meaning of the word.

4. You haven't seen feminists defending Rankin because you don't read what they write. I've noticed her being defended over at the Hand Mirror and by Anita at Kiwipolitico.

Andrei said...
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Andrei said...

You wan to give this a rest or some people might accuse you of hypocrisy I don't like identity politics, from the left or right and to tell the truth all I see in all of this is tribalism = the national party tribe vs the labour party tribe

God help New Zealand and preserve us from the depredations of both

dad4justice said...

The mentality of the average kiwi politician is nil, no better than the slimy parasitic media that report on the costly charade for the tax payer.They put school kids to shame. Meanwhile child abuse hits an all time high and the fuckwits argue about stinking pigs. Do kiwi pollies have rocks for brains. No wonder the country is a cess pit of madness.
National, Labour,TVNZ etc...all fit for the offal pit!Proud to be a kiwi in country where a bitch fight makes big news. Fuck I hate MSM.

Anonymous said...

Poneke is currently trainspotting.

DenMT said...

Haha, FFM purporting to speak for 'real feminism'. We are through the looking-glass, people...


Redbaiter said...

"The fuss about Rankin was kicked off by Peter Dunney., who's about as 'left' as you are."

It wasn't, and Dunne isn't right. He came from the Labour Party, and played a big part in keeping the scum in power over the last nine years.

"displays a fundamental failure to understand the meaning of the word."

What pompous nonsense. Feminism has always been a leftist social construct, even tho they (the left) have tried so hard to conceal that fact.

"You haven't seen feminists defending Rankin"

Rankin shmankin. She was only promoted in the public service because of the institutionalized feminist bigotry commonly referred to as "affirmative action", not
because of any real talent. I reject her totally as any kind of rightist icon.

Randominanity said...

Tell me this is a piss take post.

If it's not you are truly one seriously messed up son of a bitch.

Heine said...

Remember, feminism is the preserve of the left. It wouldn't matter if all of Nationals front bench were women, Poneke would still be crying over his train set about the loss of Helen and Judith.

Since when did commonsense ever play a part of it?

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ.
The left are hypocrites and should never be allowed near trainsets.

James said...

Feminism isn't the soul preserve of the Left...there are many alternative/"rightwing" feminists...Wendy McAlroy for one.

We have plenty here in NZ....Lindsay Mitchell,Sus the lib, etc etc

Heine said...

James, I meant in the eyes of the left wing feminists there are no others. Oops.

Redbaiter said...

"We have plenty here in NZ....Lindsay Mitchell,Sus the lib, etc etc"

Ask them if they are right wingers. I say they will deny it. They have no perception of right wing outside those they perceive as the religious right. Like you actually Jimmy.