Friday, May 22, 2009

Tasers Locked and Loaded

Tasers are finally being rolled out to front line police.

I am picking that much of the minor crap that cops have to deal with, drunks, fights etc, might show a marked decrease when someone is looking at the business end of one.

Of course there will always be people who will ignore them and create further trouble.

Just like "smacking" was labelled "beating" by Bradford, expect Locke and Co to cry "torture" everytime one is used.

Green Party human rights spokesperson Keith Locke said the Government should take note of concerns raised about the use of the Taser.
"New Zealand politicians should listen when a reputable UN committee says this 50,000-volt stun gun inflicts 'a form of torture' on its targets," Mr Locke said.

Don't want to be run the risk of torture, behave yourself in public places and don't commit crime.
And Russel the mus wants the Greens to be taken seriously in Mt Albert?
Just remember that "Mr Mainstream" is a front.


Anonymous said...

Reputable UN committee? Where? They have one?

Anonymous said...

Well I think it's fucking pathetic.

It's actually easier and cheaper to train cops to use guns that tasers; guns are cheaper to buy, more reliable, cheaper to run, and (especially given the correct legal framework) much much more effective.

Glock 18c. Issue to all cops. now.

KG said...

Using the words 'reputable' and 'UN' in the same sentence has to be a poor joke..
The tasers will be fine, provided the cops have decent guidelines for their use.The message will eventually sink into the thicko class afeter a few of their mates get fried. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Locke - tasers are a form of torture. Issue all police with Glocks asap.

Of course we also need to teach police to shoot accurately and safely (ie. not each other or themselves) but that's a separate issue.