Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Righties are happier too!!!

Remember those surveys I found that said right-wingers were more intelligent (though others disagree), better looking and generally nicer people?
Well, I have found another. Apparantly us righties are happier too!
True, this is an American survey but I am sure the same findings would apply here.
After all, socialists are an envious lot, always wanting what others have, never satisfied with what they have.
Righties are more open minded, too.
But there are other reasons too, as this commentary notes at greater length.

It can all be boiled down to one, simple reason: liberals and Democrats, as a whole, go through life with a giant chip on their shoulder. They are perpetually outraged. They paint themselves as constant victims, always offended by something, always somehow being victimized and picked on, and always out to find the latest injustice to conquer. Democrats also tend to look to government to solve all of these problems, rather than to themselves, as conservatives do.
Conservatives believe the individual is responsible for his or her life; liberals do not. Knowing that you are responsible for yourself is extremely empowering; feeling like there are endless problems in the world and you've got to get politicians in Washington to solve them for you can lead to a strong feeling of helplessness.
Most young people start out as naive, idealistic liberals. But as they get older, that changes. They get more conservative, usually because they grow up. But just imagine that you never get out of that liberal mindset.
You go through your whole life trying to check people into a victim box, always feeling offended, always trying to right all of the wrongs in the world, and always blaming government for it. It's no wonder you'd end up miserable when you get older! Going through your entire life feeling like that would make you a very angry, bitter, jealous, selfish person -- and often, that describes aging liberals to a T.

The commentary adds:

Liberalism is poisonous. It not only is politically poisonous, destroying whatever poor country you inflict liberal policies on, but it's poisonous in your personal life as well.

Well, I recall how life was grim in Labour run Britain in the 1970s, as it is today.
New Zealand also seems a much happier place since Uncle Helen went.
Obamerica does not seem the happy free-thinking place is was under Bush and especially since the shine has gone off the Obama presidency.
But what do you think?


Anonymous said...

But there are far more flattering pics of Helen Clark than that one, come on, fair's fair. She looks lovely in many shots, especially when she first got elected.

The Silent Majority said...

Just read your post having been at a Mt Albert candidates meeting on the super city.

How right the findings of this survey are if the behaviour of the Labour and Green attendees tonight is anything to go by.

Mean, nasty, rude, vitriolic and totally lacking in basic manners towards other human beings whose politics they don't agree with.

BTW John Boscawen came out as far and away the most honest and intelligent candidate and is clearly the only centre right candidate worth voting for in the by election.

Psycho Milt said...

It seems righties are more likely to live in a delusional fantasy world, too...

dad4justice said...

The Helen Fantasy will take some beating psycho.

DenMT said...

Resisting the urge to go personal on this one FFM, as your arse honestly hangs out there like a big red target, but for fucks sake - does anyone take this shit seriously?

Anyone assuming that their cheerleading for a political collective of any stripe automatically ascribes them more intelligence, attractiveness, or other attribute is simply delusional.


dad4justice said...

Is the word "delusional" a trait from the Helen Fantasy Era?

DenMT said...

Come on, D4J, as a right-winger of naturally superior intelligence you surely not only have the capacity to define 'delusional,' but can also wax lyrical about the word's etymological roots and regale your erudite right-wing peers with suitable quotes from obscure 17th-century poets.

Presumably you are then off to woo several ladies down the local with your right-wing charm and guile.


dad4justice said...

You are pathetic DenMT. Period pains again or just another cracked Hand Mirror? Helen,Heather and Sandra are having funny in NY. Sex in the shitty!!

Anonymous said...

This post is personal and low, and like Helen would care anyway. Get a life, FFM.

Barnsley Bill said...

Why are we still posting about the baby killer?

Anonymous said...

"Obamerica does not seem the happy free-thinking place is was under Bush..."

The only thing funnier than that statement is that you're serious. Thanks though for disproving once and for all the claim that right-wingers are more intelligent.

Judge Holden

Ackers said...

"Obamerica does not seem the happy free-thinking place is was under Bush..."

Yes, anyone who can state that without blushing is clearly grounded in some wondrous alternate universe.

It must have been why he was the most popular President in living memory.

Lucy said...

I agree completely with the survey.

Heine said...

It's always the anon comments that tend to talk the most bollocks.

I remember when the left were harrassing Key for being too smiley and too positive about everything - it was because under Clark the laughter died :)