Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pig and whistle.

Townies expressing outrage at pig farming practices based on TV1 infotainment and the opinions of a porked off ex frontman.

There has to be a Tui advert in there somewhere.

Can anyone guarantee that the vast amounts of dead pig imported into NZ has come from better conditions.

We can move onto the next story now, like making criminals out of Fathers

UPDATE Just for the record. It seems it was Mike King doing all the whistling


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You don't herre much about the fact that (a) the farm complies entirely with MAF's animal welfare regime and (b) the pricks from SAFE deliberately staged the scene by breaking in during darkness, scattering food about and turning lights on. All actions guaranteed to excite, scare and stress pigs which moments before had been happily sleeping.

I hope the owner sues the people from SAFE and has them and smart arse King charged with breaking and entering with intent to do malicious damage.

The PIC should launch an action for defamation against TVNZ. It's connivance in this media outrage has cost the industry's members millions of dollars and it's time an example was made of the sanctimonious perpetrators.

Lou Taylor said...

Exactly Adolf, wealth being destroyed so a tiny minority can be happy