Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perhaps Sunshine causes Global Warming After All!

A few weeks back I saw a film, Sunshine, that featured our own Clifford Curtis.
It was 2057, the sun was dying, and even Sydney was a winter wonderland.
Anyway, Cliff and a crew set off to the Sun and set off some bombs to kick it back to life again and they save the world.
Now, how much such science fiction might have a basis in fact remains to be seen, but there is growing evidence that the big yellow thing in the sky has more impact on climate than tiny amounts of a gas. Yes, a lack of sunspots causes global cooling.
Either way, we are enjoying a rather early wintry blast, aren't we?
Yet most of our world leaders are pressing ahead with carbon trading legislation, at great damage to their already depressed economies, though I hear the Japanese are now having second thoughts.
How crazy for us all to let them proceed down this AGW route and associated legislation when the evidence is increasingly confounding them!
But it wasn't about climate change was it? But rather control of people, industry and our civilised and successful Western way of life!


Redbaiter said...

Yeah, but worse, the useless fucken Nats have put aside half a billion for this worthless shit, while they cry poor on tax cuts.

Why why why do we let these bastards do these things to us??


(BTW FF, the commenting process could be somewhat more simple at your site.)

Anonymous said...

I get a newsletter from this website.
Keeps me up to date on the things happening around the world.
He's written a book called "Solar Rain" which is all to do with the sun's effect on Earth's weather.

Mrs T